Google: Do Follow – Rel=”Follow” Is Not A Thing


Google has some link attributes that allow you to guide Google not to pass any link signals from the link to the website you are linking to. There is this  rel=”ugc” , rel=”sponsored” and  classic rel=”nofollow”. But to know there is no such do-follow or rel=”follow” attribute.


Google Is Testing More Specific Searches Box

At times SEOs will call a link that does not have any of the rel=”nofollow” and rel=” sponsored” and the newer rel=”ugc” attributes on them a “do-follow link,”  but no, Google does not say, this link has a rel=”follow” on it, we must follow it. Google ignores an attribute that reads rel=”follow”. So if you put a rel=”nofollow” and a rel=”follow” on the same link, then Google will not consider the  rel=”follow” and respect the rel=”nofollow” directive.

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