Google has begun launching the most awaited dark mode update for Google search apps which will be available on Android and iOS by the end of the week. In order to activate the dark mode users must be on the updated version of Android or iOS operating system and the device must be running on at least Android 10 or iOS 12/13. 

Dark Mode
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Google will set the dark mode by default if your device is set to dark mode. If not then you can go to the settings menu in your Google App and select between the light or dark mode manually. 

Why Launch Dark Mode?

Some say that dark mode is convenient on the eyes for many users, particularly in dim lights. However, the main benefit of the dark mode is its capability to save battery as it adds more hours to the battery life. As phones have OLED screens and each pixel is specifically lit, a black screen would mean most of the pixels are not on and are not utilizing the battery. 

To use the dark mode in your Google app, download the updated version from your app store.


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