Google has been rolling its algo update to give more priority to original stories. Original reporting will rank better in Google News also including google discover. In Addition, the news will be at the top of the news bundle for a long time.


What Changed?

The algo observes news better and make them show higher & stay longer over the google search query. This means, Google gives more preferences to users interest & the news can get more highlight which contains original Reporting, which ultimately benefitted to the publishers.


When did it happen?

From the past few months, Google has worked on it & it is an ongoing process which is still not properly applied but Google Continues its effort to ensure the original reporting on top of the news & will stay longer. This rollout had happened already and will soon be available for Google News and for Google Discover across the globe.


Role of Quality Rater Guideline

As the Search quality raters were updated, they do not directly have an impact on Search Results and ranking of individual article/news. The reason being is the updated algorithm now gives more preference to original reporting. Now Google wants the raters to check how this algo is going to complete this goal.


Not Only Google News.

THis is not only stuck to the Google news but even it also goes for the content that users search and if that search needs the fresh content then definitely will show the latest one. So it’s not just stuck to the google news, even goes for Google search,& Google Discover also.


How does Google determine original reporting?

Google can’t specifically say what is in the Search Quality Guidelines but yes Google warned that these guidelines are not going to reveal how the algorithm works. But Google is apparently checking for the news which is well known for original reporting. Google can’t specifically tell us how this algo regulate the original source and is something on which company is working and improving it.


Why do we care?

There is a need comes of caring if you are a publisher, so you did not even have to play a value-added game even now you may need to focus more towards the original news source of the topics in order to stay in line and get traffic from google.



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