Google has confirmed that the company is working on fixing the data problem in the URL parameter tool. The tool comes under Google Search Console. The tool helps the SEO’s to communicate with Google for insignificant page variations and direct company to consolidate those URLs.

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The number of SEO is saying that the data shown in the URL parameter tool is not accurate. According to an SEO, earlier there were more than 100+ parameters for large e-commerce websites and now very few are there. The data is showing 0 URL monitored.

John Muller Statement

John Mueller Says
John Mueller Says
Image Source: Search Engine Land

Suggestion By Google

There is no need to panic and advises not to do anything to the tool as the issue is in the report. The company will fix it very soon. According to the company, the URL parameter is an advanced tool and by making changes into it the user might damage the site’s indexing and ranking if someh=thing went wrong.

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