Google shared several updates related to Robots.txt Documentation & Structured Data Documentation last Friday.


Google: There is Not Much Trick in Search

Following are the changes mentioned below:

  • Simplified the introduction page to make it clearer what is robots.txt and what is its intended use.
  • Expanded the instructions about creating and updating robots.txt files.
  • Removed redundant sections from our documentation about how Google handles robots.txt.
  • Simplified sentences across all robots.txt documentation in English. This helps with localization.
  • Removed redundant documentation about how to build, test, and release structured data. Each feature has guidance about this, embedded directly into each guide (for example, the Video structured data guide.
  • Improved the troubleshooting sections across all structured data feature guides (for example, the Product structure data guide.
  • Added more beginner-friendly information about how to get started with structured data.

Here is why Google made the changes from Lizzi Harvey & Gary Illyes from Google:


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