A question was asked from John Mueller that ” if templated content above the fold can rank in Google Search, where the unique content is below the fold. John Responded on this : The important part for us is really the unique content that we are looking for in above the fold area.


Google is Testing Magnifying Glass in Footer in Mobile Search

This question was asked in the Friday Hangout at 6:35 time where James Sansone asked the question related to templated content above the fold from a mobile first perspective.

The question was:

this relates to a blog restructuring we’re working on, where we’re moving from all of our blog articles living in a blog subdirectory to building out topic clusters with specific topic landing pages. And based on initial designs of the topic landing pages, they’re all going to include the same hero banner with the same header and then the same two sentences, and then below that will be a subnavigation to let the user navigate to a specific topic landing page. And my concern is, from that mobile viewport, each of these topic landing pages, they’re unique URLs, unique titles, but they have that same header and just above the fold content. But right below that is a unique subheader, which would be like the h1 tag of the page. So I just want to get your thoughts there. I know Google in the past has said that they weigh above the fold content, and I think it’s something important for us to look at. But is it detrimental to non-brand rankings for those topic landing pages.

John Mueller reverted this at 7:59 time saying:

So if you have a banner on top, and you have generic URL image on top, that’s totally fine. But some of the above the fold content should be unique for that page. And that could be something like a heading that’s visible in a minimum case, but at least some of the above the fold content should be there.

Here is the full video of SEO Hangout:

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