Google’s John Mueller was asked a question about whether changing the design of a website and leaving the URLs and the content the same would lead to changes in the rankings. To which John Mueller responded it likely will as “if you change the design, you generally change the content.”


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Explanation By Mueller

If you change design, you generally change the content: headings, titles, images, internal linking, URL structure, accessibility, speed, etc – they’re all critical parts of a site and I’d consider them as content too.

So even if you are making no changes to anything outside of how the page looks to the users, there are maybe some changes that Google will pick up on in terms of your page speed, internal linking, content positioning, accessibility, and much more.

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You can update your website’s design and still expect minimum changes in the rankings if you manage to control everything else in regard to the content. So if you have a good SEO then you do not have to be afraid to update the website’s design.

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