Martin Splitt of Google says that The page experience update will start in mid-June with a full rollout expected by August.

Live appearance on Search Engine Journal Show, Founder Loren Baker asks Splitt various SEO references questions in regards to Core Web Vitals and refreshing the page insight.


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Here are a few highlights in regards to the rollout of the update, and how it varies on Desktop & Mobile:

When the Update Starts?

Baker tried to confirm a specific date about the update as it was scheduled to go in effect this month but will extend to june.

Splitt says ” The current plan of this update to be rollout in mid june.

Splitt adds that the update won’t resemble flipping an on/off switch, where it will go from incapable to completely compelling. The page experience update rollout will be staged in, from mid-June to August.

Will the Page Experience Update Act differently on Mobile & Desktop?

On this, Splitt says: Initially site owners would no need to panic, if their website is not ready for the Page Experience update. Initially it will be rollout for mobile. He added- Google will rank mobile pages separately from desktop pages.

If a site fits perfect for the update in mobile but not on desktop, then it will receive a higher ranking over SERP in mobile.

For more, Checkout the full video of Splitt explaining about Google page Experience & Core Web Vitals:

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