LinkedIn group admins are gaining more attention from the platform with their regular notifications to know that are under the supervision of them.


What did LinkedIn notified to admins?


LinkedIn stated that they will removing their support from LinkedIn Groups iOS and commented that “…that app will stop working as of February 15 2018. But please know that your existing group memberships and contributions will not be affected as part of that change.”


What are the new features on-board?

  • Navigation & Notification: The Groups are getting more valued with a direct link from Home Page along with latest notification displaying Group activity.





  • Videos in Groups: The members can post videos in Groups where the members will get the liberty to @mention for allowing them to comment on the posted videos.


Growing with Groups

Though the prominence of such an update seems petty as compared to Professional Mentorship or Microsoft Collaboration and moreover gives way to spam and junk, LinkedIn assures that they are working towards remedying this problem. This effort from LinkedIn comes from an inspiration ignited by Facebook on their platform.

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