Instagram Includes Switch Off Options Of Audio & Video For IG Live Broadcasting

By seeing huge popularity for audio social media platforms, Instagram has rolled out two new features for IG Live. The first one is users can mute themselves during a Live-stream. Apart from this, users can switch off their videos as well.


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According to Instagram

We want to build on our Live product and offer even more ways for our creator community to drive serendipitous, engaging conversation with each other and their audience. By giving people the option to mute their audio or turn off their video, hosts will have the added flexibility for their live-stream experience, as the added functionality could help decrease pressure to look or sound a certain way while broadcasting live.

The update is similar to Clubhouse features. There is a small change in the current Instagram Live experience. Users can also create Messenger rooms through Instagram only.

The only fact is that it allows users to broadcast their audio conversation publically which is more aligned with the new audio social trends.


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