Instagram launching a new feature that gives more control to the user over-sharing of data with third-party apps. User’s data is shared when they link their Instagram account with other apps for importing and exporting photos. When a user gives permission to the third party they share profile information as well other than photos.

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Apps And Websites Settings: New Feature

By using this, Instagram app users can remove any third party services that they don’t want to share their information any further. When a third party is removed, they will have no access to the user’s new information.

Connecting First time With Third-Party:

When a user is giving access to the third party for the time, a new dialogue screen will automatically open that contains all the information that is asked by the third party. Now users can pick what information they want to share with the third party.

Giving Access to Third Party for the First time
Giving Access To Third-Party For The First Time

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Accessing Of The Feature:

Users can have this feature by going to the setting then clicking security and apps and websites tab. These features will be rolled out globally within 6 months.

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