Facebook is an ongoing battle with fake news by introducing their latest identification tools that identify the source of the published news whether it is a valid one or not. Recently, Facebook launched its Trust Indicators tool to determine how each publication works. This news is preceded by their Creator app for Video publishers.


What is Facebook Trust Indicator?

They are basically a set of details about some journalistic organizations that will help the users in understanding about that publication better. Like one of those indicators is ownership structure which informs the users about the owner of the particular publication and a red flag when that publication contains topics related to the ownership structure.


More about Trust Indicators

These indicators contain the publication’s ethics policy, corrections policy and fact-checking policy. These indicators were actually decided by Trust Project which is a collaboration of several organizations. This feature was introduced in the article with the help of “i” button that will determine the origin of the page.


What Facebook has to say about them?

Andrew Anker, Facebook’s product manager stated: “We believe that helping people access this important contextual information can help them evaluate if articles are from a publisher they trust and if the story itself is credible”. He also added, “This step is part of our larger efforts to combat false news and misinformation on Facebook — providing people with more context to help them make more informed decisions, advance news literacy and education, and working to reinforce indicators of publisher integrity on our platform.”

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