Facebook Messenger is gaining more favours these days what with 1.3 billion active users and the introduction of various features such as Anti-Harassment Tool etc. in the application. Now, Facebook is looking forward to monetize Messenger.


The ongoing challenges

With its previous efforts like advertising via messages which was highly interruptive and the ads stuffing in the Messenger screens doesn’t hold much future prospective. This brought about the revolution of Messenger bots where the users could talk with the brands directly. But, it seems the growth of bots is moving on a slower speed since the small businesses don’t have much technical expertise in building their own bots.


The latest solution

In their latest report, Facebook is introducing a new test of self-serve sponsored messaging tool that will eventually help the advertisers and brands to mass-send the promotional messages to any potential customer.

How can businesses mass-send the messages?

The brands will develop a message, put up an image, and then send the message to a group of users who have previously contacted them. Within this, the brand can categorize the group on the basis of product or any particular type of interaction they had with them. Moreover, they can add action button to streamline response.

The point to take care of

While the method seems a bit direct, it can prove disruptive in certain way. It might get irritating for the customers to find an ad in their Messaging while expecting their friends’ message. Thus, the brands need to be careful in not to overload their ad offers along with the number of ads that will be checked by Facebook regularly. Currently, this feature is available for free of cost in U.S., Mexico and Thailand.

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