Snapchat is very well known for the Short-lived content, now is working hard to have more engagement of long-form video ads. Good news for the advertisers from Snapchat as they have introduced various features in their ads which includes six seconds non-skippable broadcast and increases the duration of all Snap Ads.

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  1. Duration of ads Increases up to 3 minutes: Earlier Snapchat publishes ads for 10 seconds maximum, but now all the ads can run maximum up to 180 seconds, According to the company the user will not face any disturbance while having this feature but this update allows the advertisers to play longer ads on the platform. In this update, the users are still able to skip and interact with ads like before.
  2. Feature of swipe up for ads:  Snapchat has made it possible for those advertisers who publish 6 seconds non-skippable ads, have the option to swipe feature like other commercials. The Swipe feature allows the advertisers to redirect the user to their web view, video form or camera attachment.
  3.  Goal-Based Bidding Model: Snapchat introduces its new model i.e Goal-based bidding in which the advertisers have the option to optimize 15 seconds of video views.
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