Have you ever imagine about your content going viral having spammy links? Do you think you need to worry about them. Then the answer is No according to Google.


Google: Machine Learning Looks Into The Most Obvious Spam

A question was asked from John Mueller over Twitter that if we should disavow the spammy link from a viral content. John reverted “no need” to do that.

The Question was

My company recently went viral with a news article, and naturally, that gave us a lot of links from large newspapers around the globe. However, tons of spam sites with no traffic or backlinks also started linking to us. Should we disavow?

John’s Response on this:

no need

Checkout the Tweet for more:

Google elaborates this since long that you not need to worry about spammy links of your site as it can tackle these spammy links in a way which does not degrade your site & ignore those links.


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