Pinterest has billions of ideas to share and out of all those, around one million are shared in Messenger and this rigorous sharing has stemmed the latest feature of Pinterest after bringing some discovery options for users. With their latest declaration, the Pinterest users will have full access to Pin tools when they are sharing an image on Messenger. Another, exciting feature is that they can prompt a conversation with Pinterest bots to get some more ideas.

About the feature

The chat extension for Messenger allows users will have more access to Pinterest tools. Now with this kind of access, users can interact with Pin on searches, share those options and have link visits. The Pins that are available inside Messenger will show “see similar ideas”. These images can browsed upon without the leaving the Messenger platform.


How this feature was created?

With the data used on the Pins more commonly, Pinterest have built a feature that uses Facebook Messenger’s SDK extension that will allow brands to bring in more features during the conversation. This is a feature with fast performance, full image and links. This Messenger allowed sharing options from Pinterest using new tools.


About Messenger sharing SDK

This is a platform that allows other apps the experience of sharing with the Messenger platform. It will allow the sharing of many other things than the normal text or images. It is also updated for an allowing conversation through chatbots which is already in use by Pinterest which allows image sharing as well as suggestions from the Pin.

How do chatbots work?

The user who will be asking for suggestion by choosing from the ideas sent by Pinterest robot, the bot in return sends ideas or a list of topic under the “see similar ideas” option. The bot will begin searching with more specific terms using artificial intelligence and is going to released for both Android and iOS platforms.


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