With the buzz of revenue potential looming over Snapchat, the CEO, Evan Spiegel that they are about to redesign the entire app for a better user engagement with heightened growth. For this, Snapchat has revealed information about their latest design that will separate your personal connections from everything else.


Latest Inputs on their Re-Design

Snapchat will divide the content from friends in a new feed to the left of the main camera screen. But, when the user swipes right he will be taken to Discover which will provide the user with the kind of content that he will be interested in knowing.

About Friends Tab

The newest tab on the left of home screen with ‘Friends’ listing will display the content from the people with whom they regularly interact. This will contain the Stories, group chats and personal message at one place.  But, for a profile to be eligible for Friends list, the users need to follow each other. If it is only a single user following other then he will get to see his content under Discover but will not make the Friends list.

Bringing back the Auto-advance

Last year, Snapchat removed auto-advance from their platform as previously to view the Stories from their friends they had to look at the Stories from users, brands or influencers that are just followed. After reintroducing auto-advance, they will give more exposure to ads and will not allow brands to reach the users easily as they won’t be shown in Friends tab and the content will be sorted in order of engagement.


About Revamped Discovery

Present on the right of the main screen, Discover will show the content from the users who don’t follow back, from the publishing partners of Snapchat and from Snap Map.


Relation to Netflix

Their content discovery will be more like what Netflix shows rather than other social media platforms. He stated “Netflix uses machine-learning algorithms to recommend content to subscribers based on what they watched in the past. Research shows that your own past behaviour is a far better predictor of what you’re interested in than anything your friends are doing. This form of machine learning personalization gives you a set of choices that does not rely on free media or friend’s recommendations and is less susceptible to outside manipulation.”


Why go for a redesign?

Spiegel in his latest video stated that “We’re separating the ‘social’ from the ‘media’ re-organizing Snapchat around your relationships to make it more personal”. They want to encourage more private sharing and focus on personal updates for an improved user experience.

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