Snapchat comes up with a new feature of introducing a new video ad format i.e Extended Play Commercials. The ad format contains the 6-second non-skippable format but it will allow advertisers to extend the run time up to 3 minutes.

Do Read: New Feature Video Ads Extended To 180 Seconds By Snapchat

Difference With YouTube TrueView Ads:

Snapchat new feature is similar to the YouTube TrueView Ads. The Only difference is Snapchat extended Play Commercials will roll in the midway instead of pre-look like Youtube. Users will have an option to skip the commercials after 6 seconds if they don’t want to view it.

More Information:

  • Snapchat released a skippable ad format that extends up to 180 seconds.
  • Only whitelisted advertisers would be able to access this new feature in the beta of Ads Manager.
  • Any Snapchat advertisers can gain access by requesting a beta test from their sales representative or by going to Ads Manager.



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