Nowadays social media attracts people in different ways like they want to put everything over social media (Facebook, Instagram) from what they are eating where they are going to, to check-ins, etc. According to a recent study, social media platforms can say a lot about our health issues physically and mentally.


What Researchers and Doctors Say?

Researchers predict several conditions like diabetes, anxiety, depression after reading about 20 million words what people were posting about. Doctors Say, it’s very difficult to tell whats is going on in a person’s life by checking their social media posts, even it shows only a snapshot of their life.



Sometimes, you may see someone’s post sounds isolated, depressed, heartbroken but maybe they only post this. On the other hand, you can see the people who post over social media only when they are happy and things go according to them. So we can’t judge them in any way. It can be difficult to judge, who is seeking out for help or whoever is complaining over social media.


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