As Halloween 2019 is heading up to us, so be ready and get prepared to deal with it. The hashtags can help you to manage your content and extend reach andeasily find out the customers you are looking for. It also helps you in making creative tweets in the holiday season.

Must use a hashtag

Hashtag plays an important role in increasing your online reach and heading into trending conversation. Find out best hashtags for this halloween Season like #halloween #Halloween2019 #HappyHalloween

Note: You can use various tools to find out trending hashtags related to Halloween like one is

Beverage Company Hint tweets about it by boosting their users with #TrickorTreat

Don’t overdo it

Although it may be tempting to fill your Tweet with trending hashtags, studies show that less actually is more. Internal Twitter research shows that Tweets with 1-2 hashtags gain 100% more engagement — so try to limit your usage.

As the holiday season is coming, it doesn’t mean that you can apply the hashtags in excess amount. Studies show that less is actually more. Internal twitter research says that tweets with 1 or 2 hashtags get more attention and engagement.

@Zerocater keeps it short and simple by using trending hashtags, One is of #halloween and another one is their brand one.

Do tap into existing trends

Use trending hashtags to join a long conversation and do not forget to mention these trending hashtags in your brand to stay in tune.

@Chopt also indulge in Halloween with their branding in a creative way.

Don’t be afraid to create a custom hashtag

In the same vein, some situations call for your very own hashtag. If you’re creating your own Halloween-specific campaign or challenge, use a custom hashtag so your followers can easily follow along.

You can create your own hashtag if you own a campaign then do create your own hashtags, so people & your followers can easily follow.

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Check out the tweet below by American Apparel which defines it in a better way:


Do use Halloween hashtags in advance

Don’t forget to use the leading hashtags as there are vibes started coming from every corner of the world. So use Halloween themed hashtags in coming weeks leading till Halloween.


Don’t let your Tweet get lost in the crowd

Be aware while creating tweet as most of the timelines are filled up with Halloween tweets content. So here you need to focus more on creative content and say “Happy Halloween” so your tweet won’t get overlooked.


Do start a giveaway or contest

Holidays are a great time to encourage audience participation. Try creating a #HalloweenGiveaway or contest to engage your followers and announce it early in advance so followers can participate. Then, announce your winner on Halloween day!

The holiday season is a great way to attract customers. Retailers, marketers, etc. can try using hashtag #HalloweenGiveaways and create a campaign and contest and announce it in advance, so that people would know about it and they can happily participate & then declare a winner on the Big Halloween Day.

So Be prepared to target these points mentioned by twitter in order to gain maximum reach and engagement in the holiday season.

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