Paras Chopra, a DCE alumni released a Beta version of Visual Website Optimizer that determines part of the website that receives the most traffic while working in Aspiring Minds. As the product gained users Chopra quit his job to focus on Wingify.


What Paras Chopra has to say

“Winning the ET awards in bootstrap category is special because I hugely admired all bootstrap companies. The award gives us more push towards continuing to grow despite not raising any funding,” said Chopra


About Wingify

Wingify makes SaaS products that help businesses increase orders, enquiries and sign ups from their website by analysing the users’ behaviour and interactions and using those insights to create changes and improve their website goals.



Wingify has grown rapidly and achieved monthly recurring revenue of $1 million. Its ‘Visual Website Optimiser’ and ‘PushCrew’ products are used by more than 5,000 brands across 90+ countries to analyse their website activity and increase conversions. The company’s clients includes Microsoft, General Electric and Walt Disney Co.
The technology behind

Wingify’s works on the concept of AB testing, a testing method using two different versions of a website where half of the traffic sees version A and the rest sees version B. Based on the records, a company can determine which version is more successful in terms of sales conversions. Such testing tools are popular in case of ecommerce websites. The tool can then help in designing the kind of website which can attract more visitors.

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