Days after coming up with Ad Transparency Strategy, Facebook is coming up with their update for Dynamic Ad for Travel which will help out the brands create more receptive ads for their customers.


How will this change help?

This update would bring more audience to the businesses will be able to track the one who has previously shown interest in some particular service of a particular region. Like this, with business on their mind, Facebook brought cars on their Marketplace.


What was Facebook’s statement?

“If someone was browsing hotels but didn’t make a reservation (or if they were looking at flights but didn’t book one), dynamic ads for travel allow you to target them with relevant ads based on their specific dates, destinations and other trip details.”

More Exciting Features for Dynamic Ads

  • Broad Audience: Advertisers get to connect with a broad audience who might not have particularly visited their site but have shown similar interests in past. It will be available for all hotel businesses and Facebook is planning to bring the feature to flights.
  • Social Context: This will contain a new list of connections on Facebook who have travelled to that location that will be displayed at the top of the ad.

  • New Overlays: Now the ads will exhibit price on top of the main image of the ad.
  • Collections Ad Format: A much better ad experience will be devoted to the viewers with video and image content utilization in the ads that are definitely bound to bring more customer engagement.
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