With their previous debacles over the political ads, Facebook is taking extra measures with a traditional method called snail mail. For the political advertisers who would be mentioning a candidate’s name will have to enter code given over a postcard sent in the mail to undergo the verification of his location in U.S.


Why such measures have been taken?

The announcements made after 13 Russian nationals and 3 businesses conspired and pretended to be an American local while sharing the political post over the platform. Their latest development of sending postcard in the user’s inbox will confirm whether the person is an American native or not. These postcard verification method will only be rolled out for those particular ads that are supporting a federal issue.


How beneficial will this prove?

This is one of the measures that have been taken up along with the other measures like the Trust Indicators and other identification tools. Facebook plans to enable transparency among the political ads by labeling them and displaying the users who paid for the ad. Moreover, Facebook is coming up with a machine-learning based software that will confirm the user’s identity as well as location.

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