Internet-based photo sharing application and service Instagram now has 25 million active business users across the globe. This is up from 15 million users in July this year. Instagram also said that over 80% of its accounts follow a business, with over 200 million daily active users.

Seeing Instagram as the Primary Digital Storefront     

What is more interesting is that nearly half of businesses are now seeing Instagram as their primary digital storefront, and are excluding a website from their profile.

In September, Instagram has announced that it had nearly doubled its advertiser base to 2 million in six months, with a majority of them being small businesses.

Building Products to Help Enable Small Businesses  

Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger had told in an interview that “we are building a lot of the products to help enable small businesses.”

“We are working on Instagram Direct that will allow users to send messages to one or more people, and this will also help business owners. As we look to the future, monetisation, and commerce are not only for generating revenues but our role in the world is towards empowering local businesses and giving them tools to grow.” Krieger said.

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