Its been a long time when Twitter has introduced the DM search bar but yesterday the company has introduced this option to android users as well. Now, both iOS and Android users can use this option. Although, since 2019, iOS users are using this feature.

Searching through the search bar is really helpful for the users. However, it would be great if users can find it through messaging content. It will be interesting to know when the company will bring this feature.


Twitter Testing Out New Prompts For Users To Hide Potentially Offensive Replies


In the future, Twitter will expand this DM search feature. It is interesting to know that Twitter was working on this feature for some time. However, Twitter users want to scan their past messages to find the particular discussion and content.

Tweet By Twitter Support


This sort of feature will increase the usage of DM over the platform. For instance, a user can easily find all the other users who have the same question on a particular product or service. It is going to be based on certain keywords and queries.

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