Twitter was working on its ‘Tweetstorm feature’ on its platform back in September that would allow the users to create a series of automatically linked tweets. This feature is under testing and is going to be available for Android users.


About Tweetstorm

The Tweetstorm feature will offer the user to add tweets to their composition process with the enlisted tweets present already on the screen. The user can go back to any tweet and can simultaneously edit while creating. When all the tweets are completed and ready to be posted, then the user needs to select ‘Tweet All’ button with numbers added for priority.

How this helps the new character set?

This Tweetstorm feature is believed to add more context to their 280 character tweets. But this could pose problem as the feature allows a string of tweets to be posted that clutter timelines which in general didn’t make much sense when one is posting 280 character tweet.


The feature’s benefits

Twitter says that with the introduction of this feature and 280 characters, people will be more engaged in the platform than before as they will get more characters to write off.

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