Global transportation company Uber is trying to overcome from its negative image by introducing a new set of cultural values for the company. The company’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has introduced warmer, fuzzier goals like perseverance and celebrating differences. Another entry reads: “We do the right thing. Period.”

Uber’s Seeks Stronger Oversight

Uber has made a reputation and willingness to fight from anyone, starting from its competitors like Lyft to lawmakers seeking stronger oversight of the company. This aggressiveness of the company has led to face difficulties in cities like London, where Khosrowshahi is scrambling to keep the service alive.

“This fearless approach of Uber has underpinned much of its success and has attracted many employees, including me, to the company, but this culture and approach will not get us to the next level.” Said Khosrowshahi.

Khosrowshahi’s Apology Tour

Khosrowshahi has spent much of his tenure so far on an apology tour. He is further trying to improve his relations with the millions of people who drive for the company, and also with the hundreds of cities where Uber operates in around the world.

“As we move from an era of growth at all costs to one of responsible growth, our culture needs to evolve,” he said.

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