With the launch of latest bookmarking feature a while ago, Twitter brings #Fuel to their Brand Strategy Team that will help in providing “end-to-end creative consulting & support” to enhance the ad performance of brands on the platform.


What did Twitter say about the new development?

Twitter commented “Brands want to move at the speed of culture, and this team is designed to address that need. #Fuel is an agile, rapid-response hub that responds quickly to creative briefs. The team develops the content strategy to help set the strategic foundation, builds creative ideas to drive participation with brands, and drives video editing to help assets work harder in the feed.”

What is #Fuel?

This is an advanced brand partnership group that will support advertisers in maximizing their ad impact. They will help in creating the content strategy as per the market demands with a keen understanding of customer’s trending demands.

What Twitter has to say about Video Ads?

For the video ads, Twitter stated “Video ads in a curated social feed like Twitter are perceived to be more relevant and less intrusive than similarly skippable units on other platforms. Video ads on Twitter are also found to be almost 2X as memorable when compared to the same ads on other premium sites.” 

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