WordPress this week has announced a new feature that will allow users to re-publish the entire WordPress blog posts as tweet threads.

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Blog Posts As Tweet Threads
Image Source: Social Media Today

As seen above, the new process will transform your WordPress blog post into a tweet thread. All the videos or images in the post will be added to the thread and users will be able to see where exactly the tweet will split up your post before sharing the tweet.

Wordpress blog post on twitter
Image Source: Social Media Today

This might provide you a way to promote your content and enhance engagements. But by doing this you are losing your website traffic – instead of driving people back to your website you are now providing people the chance to read your content on Twitter. It is not clear if it’s really that valuable but if you want to enhance your content reach and has a popular engaged Twitter community then it may be a good option. This could be a good way to maximize content engagement without losing too much in terms of site visitors.


It is recommended to use this option for shorter blog posts. Also, in previous news, both Instagram and Facebook are removing support for the embedded content on the WordPress websites which will be applicable from 24th October. This means if you have embedded post from Instagram or Facebook on your WordPress site, it will stop working unless you have a Facebook developer account

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