Today, YouTube has confirmed that the company is all set to launch its youTube short in the US. By the end of March 2021, YouTube shorts will be live in the US.

YouTube Shorts first came in India in September but under a Beta version and is still in Beta only. According to YouTube, since December usage of Shorts by Indian channels is triple in number from the start.


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YouTube Short
YouTube short is a vertical story-like feature that allows creators to make short video clips of 15 seconds or less. Following are the features that are offered in shorts:
  • Creators can edit videos with a lot of tools present in them.
  • They can put different pictures in a single video.
  • Creators can add any music in the video from YouTube library.
  • You can easily speed up and slow down the videos.
  • Easily set timers and countdowns for the videos to start.

It is expected that YouTube Shorts will come with all these features in the US as well.

Expected Upcoming Update

According to the company, the YouTube developers are planning to come up with a carousel feature for the Youtube home page, especially for the shorts section. It will be similar to TikTok, where users have to navigate vertically to view another video.

Creators will have two options of uploading a shorts video. First, they can either creator a video on YouTube Shorts or simply upload a video of 15 seconds or less from a camera roll.

YouTube Discuss About A Problem With Shorts

Every year, increasing numbers of people come to YouTube to launch their own channel. But we know there’s still a huge amount of people who find the bar for creation too high.

That’s why we’re working on Shorts, our new short-form video tool that lets creators and artists shoot snappy videos with nothing but their mobile phones.

Final Words

Youtube is planning to make Youtube Shorts the best short video platform for the creators. The company says, till now youTube shorts has 3.5 million views in a day. With this, creators can easily make revenue from YouTube Partner Program.

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