YouTube has introduced new features for live streaming on its platform to enhance user experience. It is going to make Live content creation easier to handle. It has previously introduced the feature of sending videos in real time chat.


Let’s explore the features

For the users who have to maintain a fan base regularly, there is an option of low latency while live-streaming. This will help in avoiding any lagging of the video even if it happens, then it will be a matter of seconds. Now, no camera is required to capture the event to comment on it.


Change the way of conversation

New tools have been added to moderate the tone of the conversation. It is allowed by pressing the “alt/option” button on the keyboard to pause that chat feed and edit or delete the message.


The power over approvals

If any appropriate message is posted on user’s stream, it will be identified by YouTube’s system and will hold for the user to decide whether he wants to approve or not. After the continuous process, the system will identify for itself the kind of messages you likely want to hold for future.

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