Google Says Avoid Link Spam Attempts To User

Google says ignore ransom spam link

    According to Google, Webmasters must not respond to the ransom link spam attempts. These occur when website owners receive an email which says that if you don’t pay us, we will spam the website with a number of bad links which results in a negative impact on Google search. Also Read: Google Clarifies …

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Google Clarifies For Ranking Of Watermarked Images

Google Clarifies For Ranking Of Watermarked Images

    John Mueller says excessive watermarked images would not be considered as high-quality images but images are images for Google. The best practices of Google’s image can be checked on their website. Also Read: Disavow Link Tool Hurts Many Sites Says Google Later John Mueller added, there are lots of images with highly watermarked …

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Google Says Improving Link Profiles Won’t Help with Core Updates

Google Says Improving Link Profiles Won't Help with Core Updates

  Garry Illyes from Google during his Pubcon talk on Tuesday said that improving your link profiles would not help you in recovery with core updates. Check out the tweets mentioning this: Core algorithm updates no likely about links. In fact Gary says “forget about that” #Pubcon — John Morabito (@JohnMorabitoSEO) October 8, 2019 Cleaning …

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Google Advises To Follow Structured Data For Rich Result

Google Structured data usage

    Google suggest company officials follow their structured data requirements so that their content becomes eligible to appear as high result. Also Read: Google Larger Sites Not To Use Google Crawl Setting Image Source: Search Engine Journal Using different structured data that Google supports is optional but acceptable as a result it helps Google …

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Google: Larger Sites Not To Use Google Crawl Setting

Google Not to use crawler setting

    According to John Mueller, Bigger sites should not use Google crawl settings like the maximum setting will be small for what user needs. Bigger websites need to in Google Search Console for settings as it is unimaginable to expect to do that in Google crawl settings. Also Read: Google Can Crawl Ajax Just …

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GoogleBot’s Crawl Rate Changes with Server Migration:Google


  Another Video released over #AskGoogleWebmasterby John Mueller describing the changes when a server migration is done. He said that the only thing that changes temporarily when you move a site from one server to another is how fast google bot crawls the content. Google will check back to test how fast its crawler can …

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Google Sends Mass Fix Breadcrumbs Markup Warnings

Google Search Console

  As Google is in process of updating the search console, recently last week when google added breadcrumb report to search console enhancement report section, google also sends an email notification with issues along with the subject line: Fix Breadcrumbs markup for   Also Read>> Breadcrumb Structured Data Added To Search Console Enhancement Report …

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Dates in URL are Fine: Google

Dates in URL are Fine

  John Mueller said that having dates in URL are fine and many publishers doing it to give their URL a unique ID & used in Google news. Also Read>> Google Select Canonical URLs based on User Preference and Site Check out the screenshot of tweet attached:- You can insert dates in your URLs, Google …

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Google Search Console Performance Report Data Now Less Than A Day Old

ETA Rollout

  Google announced today that the Performance Report in search console has now the latest data. The search console has few days of lag like Monday to Wednesday or Thursday, within 24 hrs. The fresh data of the performance report is for the web version and currently unavailable for API & not even applicable for …

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Old Content on New Domain is Okay: Google

Google: Old Content On New Domains Is Okay: Google

  A user asked John Mueller- if it is ok for a site to have predates content when the domain was first registered. On Reverting, John Mueller said that it is ok-“It’s ok to host older content on a new domain.” Also Read>> Google Search Ad With An Emoji In The Display URL He Explained …

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