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Channels Campaigns And Ads Formats

to Reach, engage & convert audience to customers. As the most promising PPC agency in Gurgaon, we create campaigns which are scalable and easy to manage with Effective creatives Ads copy & Landing pages that help campaign to meet goal.


Target Audience to show Text Ads with keywords to increase sales with good ROI on search Engine


Target Mobile Audience to reach, engage & convert through search, display, video and in-apps Ads.


Target Audience’s interest on Google Search, Shopping, YouTube & Image Search by Product detail Ads


Target Audience for text, Image, Video Ads with topic, keywords, audience and placements on GDN


Target Youtube Audience through Interests, Demographic, Life events and remarketing by Video Ads


Creative is like fragrance for a PPC Campaign

then it should be backed by in-depth research & strategy.


clearly defined campaign’s goal
we align Pay per click services to meet business goals

it helps to know & care where we need to end up and when you to get there. by continuously optimizing campaigns we match campaign goals to the objectives & target relevant audiences at the right time to engage them into the entire journey. What’s your Goal?

  • Brand awareness

    Get recognised by reaching right prospects, increase your Brand awareness & loyalty on Google’s Display Network, Youtube and Search Networks with effective Campaigns targeted to get more impressions.

  • Lead generation

    Grow your business by driving right prospects who have interest in your products or services on Search Network to Generate high-quality leads at scale

  • Increase website traffic

    Drive relevant audience to your website that can easily convert with keywords relative to your business. Educate people about your product/services, let them explore what you offer and help them to understand what makes you unique.

  • Mobile apps installation and engagement

    With Mobile Apps Installs goal oriented campaigns reach your audience on mobile and show ads across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube & Google Display Network to increase engagement and apps installation.

  • Customer re-engagement

    As a leading PPC company in gurgaon, our aim is to Reconnect Audience who have interacted with your business. With Remarketing, show your ads to your customers and those who’ve used your mobile app or visited your website by showing them ads on all google ads channel.

  • Maximize Sales

    Reach audience at their moment of interest With the right customer targeting. Meet prospects on every stage of their journey from being a visitor to a customer with Search ads and remarketing campaign to increase sales and roi of Ads spend


Follow a systematic process
which includes research, execution & optimization

being an efficient PPC company in Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon, we organize Campaign’s Structure that is easy to expand and manage regularly to be effective all the time for your account success which covers Goal setting, Message & Campaign selection, Audience Targeting, Reporting, and Optimization.

Discover brand’s presence immediately to the right audience with a defined goal and strategy to increase business revenue and profits extensively using paid search.

The prime objective is to increase traffic on website from a particular geographical location and specific audience to grow business.

Why Us

ROI focussed Adwords management from Adwords certified professionals, we want to watch your business grow. As a supreme provider of PPC services in gurgaon and NCR, our goal is to work like an extension of our team to increase ROI, business revenue, and profits.


Working with transparency helps to gain trust and long term association between client and organization leading to enhanced customer satisfaction


With every day new techniques coming in, we understand the importance of innovation. Being the best PPC agency in delhi, we believe to acquire innovative techniques, strategies and strive to provide the best solution to get more leads.


Creativity is the cornerstone for success. Creativity leads to innovation which is highly desired for customer acquisition.


Usage of state of the art technology to acquire the best results in the form of good CTR, less bounce rate, maximum conversion and ROI.

Our Happy Clients


Companies growing with Technians

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Increased Sales with 7.87% conversion & 2400% return on ad spend

Search Advertising with campaign specific landing pages to attract new customers.

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Cost per lead decreased by 85% and increased leads by 133%

After competitor research we created content that attract audience attention to their key USP.

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Viral Campaign to Boost Awareness & Audience engagement

we strategies marketing around user generated content to reach masses in few months.

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Find your answers


Satisfying the needs of our clients is our foremost priority and so is their curiosity. So, to satisfy those needs we come across few questions that will cross your mind before availing our services.

What Is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising platform which connects potential customers who are looking for a product or a service to the advertisers offering the same.

What’s The Difference Between Google AdWords And SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

Through google adwords you can pay for traffic using the PPC advertising programs provided by Google Adwords, They enable you to display ads in the sponsored results section of each search engine’s results page but in SEO you can build traffic for free by achieving high rankings in the natural search results.

Why Do I Need An Agency To Manage My AdWords Account?

An agency will not just have the expertise to manage your different channel, they’ll also have campaign strategy and software to ensure every product gets treated like its own line of business

Are Google AdWords right for my product?

Google AdWords is a great internet marketing platform for getting your online business off to a good start.

What is the Difference Between a Search Campaign and a Display Campaign?

On the Display Network, your first goal is to establish trust by giving value, and then nurture the visitors down the road to become paying customers but search campaign meant for advertisers who want to target only people who are directly searching for their products without taking up the time and budget of targeting other types of potential customers.

Can you manage activity in different countries and languages?

Yes, we can manage activity in multiple countries and languages

What is a Landing Page? How important is a Landing Page?

A landing page can be any destination where visitors “land” when they first come in contact with your website. The ad leads this visitor to a landing page, which urges them to enter their information in a form (like their name and email address) for some benefit the ad promised.

What is Remarketing?

The basic idea behind remarketing is to reach out to users who already know your brand or products and, for that reason, have much higher chances of converting. I

What is the Google Display Network?

the Google Display Network is a set of websites that your ad can appear on. Millions of websites. The network is comprised of over 2 million websites and 90% of internet users. When you use the Display Network for advertising, you have the chance to get your ad right in front of that 90%.

What if I want to Cancel, Change My Billing Info or Change My Plan?

You may cancel any Service at any time and for any reason after completion of the Initial Term by emailing your Customer WSM Representative (a “Cancellation Request”) and with a 15-day cancellation notice.

Can I Pay per Performance (CPA)?


You Have Any Hidden Fees?

Your charge covers both your advertising costs as well as any unpaid costs from previous billing cycles. Charged amount = Current costs(costs from this billing period) + Outstanding balance(unpaid costs from previous billing periods)If this total charged amount is more than your payment threshold (the amount that triggers a charge), the extra costs will be added to your outstanding balance for the next charge.

Why do I have to Pay Setup Fee and Management Fee for the First Month?

The reason why we require this payment is because building and maintaining/optimizing an Adwords campaign are two separate processes.

What Billing System Do You Use?

We use the online payment processing service to handle all our billing needs in the India.

Is My Budget Paid Directly to Technians?

. No. Your Advertising budget and the Technians management fee are paid separately. Your Advertising budget is paid to Google AdWords, and the Technians management fee is paid directly to Technians online payment processing.

How Do You Determine Our Budget Requirements?

Budget requirement is determined by your estimated Cost Per Click and click volume estimates as well as the competitiveness of the industry.

Can I change my budget? Can I add products or services?

Yes, You can change your budget according to the competitiveness of the industry and click volume estimates as well.

How much does it cost per click?

Google AdWords is based on an auction system that rewards businesses who have high-quality ad campaigns with lower costs and better ad placement
Your CPC = The Ad rank of the person below You / Your Quality Score + $0.01

Technians should just tell me what I need to spend for my campaign

Yes, Our expert will tell you how much amount needs to be spent in the campaigns to get maximum profit out of it. Amount spending depends on competitiveness of the industry and cost per click.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Campaign?

Once you have done the payment of your plan you will be sent a questionnaire afterwards. The questionnaire will address key questions about your company, your target audience, campaign goals and other relevant questions. Once we have this questionnaire from you we create the campaign within 5 business days.

Why Do You Write ‘Up To’ in the PPC Plan Descriptions?

We do this because there is no need to create 4 ad groups with 100 of keywords. We just need to use only 10 core keywords that generate the highest ROI every month. It all depends on the strategy and the tactics that your account needs implemented to improve performance.

What’s Involved In Setting Up A Google AdWords Campaign?

You need to provide Billing details and payment method to initiate the google adwords account. And also targeting location where your ads will be seen.

Can You Improve My Campaign if it’s Already Doing Well?

Yes, there always a chance to improve the campaign in terms of cost /conversion , cpc, cpm and other more.

What results can you guarantee?

It’s impossible to give guarantees in an industry where we bid on an auction-based system that fluctuates placement over time. In google adwords, competition can increase from one day to another.

How quickly will I see results?

You can expect to see results within the first month, but the best results can take up to three months before they appear. You can expect to see positive results, however it will take up to three months to reach optimal results.

What Results Can I Expect in the First Month?

There are many factors that need to be weighed in, but the the most important is how good your old campaign was.

Can I Get My Money Back If I’m Not Satisfied?

No, According to our company policies we are not abide to give money back whatsoever.

How Do I Know That You’re Better Than the Last SEM Agency I Worked With?

we cannot give you a guarantee that we will exceed other SEM agencies, as that in itself would be dishonest.

Do You Guarantee AdWords or other PPC Performance?

It’s impossible to give guarantees in an industry where we bid on an auction-based system that fluctuates placement over time.

What are the Differences Between an AdWords Certified partner and a Regular Agency?

AdWords Certified Partner is by no means a 100% guarantee for expertise, it helps you know that the agency is serious about its reputation in the businesses.

With non-certified AdWords agencies, you cannot know for sure if they’ve just opened up, or if they have zero experience in AdWords.


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