Financial Domain Link Building Case Study

(Link Building)
 A high-earning website within the ultra-competitive finance niche approached us for link building services. At the time, the site had huge ad spend in PPC and display networks with minimal investment in organic trac. They wanted to test the impact of link building and SEO on site revenue.Site Assessment: After reviewing the client’s project, we determined their site had a wealth of existing linkable assets that were difficult to access. In addition to being buried, their linkable assets were poorly optimized due to internal linking problems, bad URL structures, and the use of subdomains. Because of these issues, the pages had low performance in search and little-to-no external links. Despite these suboptimal conditions, the client was anxious to begin link acquisition before any investment into site restructure. We also learned the client was implementing other marketing and PR initiatives, including contests and further content creation. Potential Obstacles: Through client assessment, we identified possible hurdles to campaign success:• Highly competitive niche.• Lack of collaboration across departments.• Poorly optimized linkable assets. Strategic Plan: After assessing the client’s website and identifying obstacles, we created the following strategy to achieve the client’s primary goals: 1. Leverage existing assets to build relevant links on authoritative websites.2. Coordinate with other marketing initiatives to increase visibility and link opportunities.3. Restructure/reorganization of existing quality content when possible. 

1. Leverage existing assets to build relevant links on authoritative websites.

Our link building teams leveraged client assets in three unique ways:A. Promoted client’s educational assets to TLDs such as .GOV and .EDU sites for authoritative and relevant links.B. Manually outreached to relevant sites within the finance niche to secure in-content links to client’s assets.C. Performed deep industry research to discover an entirely new, relevant audience which increased marketing opportunities.

2. Coordinate with other marketing initiatives to optimize strategies for increased visibility and link opportunities.

Collaborated with other departments to expand reach and visibility of their marketing initiatives. For example, we leveraged the relationships built through link building to garner social shares and engagement from industry influencers with large (~100,000) followings.

3. Restructure/reorginization of existing quality content.

Our team of SEO and content experts created a custom report which outlined how assets could be better utilized within the structure of the site for increased usability and crawlability. We then guided the client step-by-step through the process, which included migrating the blog from a subdomain to a subfolder and optimizing URLs.