A Property Rental | Sales Listing Site – Link Building Case Study

(Link Building)
 An property rental/sales listing site within the highly competitive pet niche approached us for link building services and technical SEO assistance. The site competed against major brands and wanted to improve the rankings of their site. Site Assessment: After reviewing the client’s project, we determined their site had a wealth of existing linkable assets that were difficult to access. In addition to being buried, their linkable assets were poorly optimized due to internal linking problems, bad URL structures, and the use of subdomains. Because of these issues, the pages had low performance in search and little-to-no external links. Strategic Plan: The focus initially was to help the client structure the web-pages so that they were easy to crawl by Google’s bots. Moving landing pages that were too deep within the website architecture closer to the homepage, and increasing the content levels of the city pages was a priority.

1. Leverage existing assets to build relevant links on authoritative websites.

Our link building teams leveraged client assets in three unique ways:A. Promoted client’s educational assets to TLDs such as .GOV and .EDU sites for authoritative and relevant links.B. Manually outreached to relevant sites within the finance niche to secure in-content links to client’s assets.C. Performed deep industry research to discover an entirely new, relevant audience which increased marketing opportunities.

2. Create linkable assets and bolster the site’s content profile

Our professional content creators helped re-write and enhance existing pages, as well as create weekly content for the client’s blog. Through this content we were able to develop backlinks for future link acquisition efforts.At the time of the project launch the client did not have the necessary resources to produce this content internally. Allocating internal resources, we developed, we developed an editorial calendar for our client to consistently produce blog content. Once the client was able, they took over content production again, and we continued to promote that content for links. This partnership between content (crafted by the client) and promotion (manual outreach by Page One Power) has been instrumental in the project’s success.

3. Restructure/reorganization of existing quality content.

Our team of SEO and content experts created a custom report which outlined how assets could be better utilized within the structure of the site for increased usability and crawlability. We then guided the client step-by-step through the process, which included migrating the blog from a subdomain to a subfolder and optimizing URLs.