(Social Media Marketing)

About Relooking

Relooking is a weight loss slimming and beauty enhancing center for men & women. Relooking offers wide range of services such Weight Loss, Inch Loss, Body Sculpting, Body Contour, Breast Augmentation and various therapies that help you to keep healthy & fit. It Salon Services provide Best In Class Services for Bridal & Party Makeover, Hair Cut & Color, Facial & other beauty services. It is established to adorn your living. Relooking is located at the heart of the city which makes the center easily accessible to all its customers.

Issues Faced By Client

Main issues faced by the client was regarding absence of creativity which were unable to get quality traffic to the website, cost per lead was very high with less amount of quality leads. Relooking’s conversion rate was quite low and most of their Ads got disapproved because of the Facebook policies. Due to this their branding and online promotion was also suffering.


Social media Ad Campaigns

Our Strategies

We truly believe in understanding the business ethos and work accordingly. So, follow a set of strategies where we analyses the competitor current posts, strategies and create compelling page content on our website for posting. We also categorize the services and promote it on various platforms. After implementing the requirements we look for the scope of Ad improvement so that it would be easy to find target audience and the prospects. For widening the scope of improvement we also made promotional plans for Ads and posts.


  • Increased Impressions – 70%
  • Conversion rate- 28.69%
  • Cost per lead decreased by 85% (initial- 300/- now minimum 45/-)
  • Leads Received per day increased to 5- 6 from 2-3
  • Social outreach has been increased by 60%
  • Page likes increased by 15.8%