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About Tempesta luxury

In business for over 7 years, the Tempesta luxury team combines high-quality construction and personal service to create lasting living and working spaces for their clients. With services ranging from Luxury wall tiles, Bathrooms tiles, Kitchens tiles, Custom Home tiles and large commercial renovations, they are proud to say they have won many local awards for demonstrating excellence in functionality, problem solving, aesthetics, craftsmanship and innovation.  


Increase in lead generation


Views of top-performing Pages


Increase in monthly website traffic

The Pain Points

The company’s current site was outdated and the team knew that it needed to start adopting more digital marketing efforts. It wasn’t doing much online and knew that’s where a lot of its buyer personas were doing all of their research. Their site also had no effective conversion points at any stage of the funnel.

What They Decided to Do

Referred by a past client they decided to go full-force into an inbound marketing agreement with Technians to develop a completely new website and implement various inbound marketing best practices. This included:

  • A full website redesign
  • A strong focus on improving their current SEO and Local SEO efforts
  • Landing page creation for premium content offers and service offerings
  • Social media creation and optimization
  • Blog development and strategy

What We Did

Content Creation & Blogging: For the audience we are trying to reach to these two “BATHROOM TILES INDIA” and “WALL TILES INDIA” articles and focus more on general tips for both blogs and offers. The goal of the content was to educate prospects about construction and design best practices so that they will be better equipped to make informed decisions during their project and simultaneously showcase the team’s expertise.

SEO:The new website and blogs were optimized for keywords that focused on

“Luxury wall tiles”, “leather wall tiles”, and “bathroom tiles india” as well as the more location specific keywords “wall tiles in gurgaon”, “decorative wall tiles Gurgaon”.

Location specific landing pages were also created and optimized for the counties and towns within their service area.

Social Media: We use social media not only as another outlet to share our blog articles and offers but to drive traffic back to the tempesta website, engage their prospects and existing clients in conversation, and encourage “recommendations” and “reviews”.

Email Marketing: This was also an area of focus. Creating effective lead nurturing campaigns helped move top of the funnel leads down the funnel into sales opportunities.

The Way it is Now

Currently, Tempest luxury has improved their organic traffic growth consistently year over year. Because of their strong local search growth, they consistently receive several highly qualified leads every month, especially in high-profit commercial projects.

Social media has also proven successful, building a strong presence in the community among popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. With the help of blogspot,and share their quality content with their social following 10-15 times a day, establishing strong and consistent engagement.

The Results

Impressive Organic Traffic Growth While working with us, Tempesta Luxury’organic traffic has increased by 700% and it’s total monthly visits are 10x than when they started with us. A local business with a strict service area, this is a healthy amount of traffic the organization can be proud of.

Consistent Monthly Residential and Commercial Consultation Requests

Tempest luxury also enjoys consistent qualified monthly and residential consultation requests with its consultation pages ranging from 10-20% in conversion rates.

In general, the company’s lead generation has dramatically improved. Their most popular premium offer, “How to Pick a Home tiles” has a 20% conversion rate.

Strong Local SEO Presence in Connecticut

Thanks to our local landing pages, Litchfield now ranks within the top ten for several competitive search terms include. These include:


They have an amazing team and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a super professional service by a person who is a great communicator and shows initiative.

KUNDAN KUMAR Founder 3a Learning Solution