Hitachi Systems

In India, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic is a well-known brand for Integrated IT Solutions

Industry: Information Technology
About Brand: Hitachi is a Japanese multinational company with eleven business groups. Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic is a well-known brand for Integrated Solutions in India.

    Services Offered:
  • Display Ads
  • Google Search Ads
  • Landing Page Design

Brand Overview:

In India, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic is a well-known brand for Integrated IT Solutions. Expertise in designing, developing, implementing, and supporting unique IT infrastructure services and solutions. Technicians Softech Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, cooperated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to market their goods through a successful Google AdWords campaign developed, implemented, and owned by Technicians Softech Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon.


The Challenge:

Customer experience is the decisive element in brand loyalty in today's digital economy. Thus website engagement cannot be disregarded. Businesses are focusing on leveraging their websites to engage with their consumers and generate leads.

  • Landing Page: A landing page is a page that a visitor arrives at after clicking on one of your website's advertisements. Inexperienced marketers usually direct all PPC traffic to their homepage, which may be an expensive mistake. Landing pages tailored to individual offers are crucial for providing a positive visitor experience and increasing conversions with a targeted message tailored to each user's needs.
  • Website Engagement: Website engagement is defined as a brand's ability to impress and retain its customers' or users' mindshare. It is about assessing if your users find any value by measuring activities like downloads, clicks, and shares, among other things. It has a lot to do with using the user's time productively at multiple touchpoints to their advantage. Customers that have a great experience on your website are more likely to become loyal.
  • Search ads and Display ads: The primary distinction between search and display advertisements is that search advertisements are "pull" advertisements, whereas display advertisements are "push" advertisements. This implies that search advertising appears solely to those already looking for your product or service. In contrast, display ads are paid placements that appear depending on various targeting characteristics. It is also worth remembering that search and display adverts are set up and managed by separate ad networks — a search network vs a display network.

The Objective:

It is critical that the pay-per-click campaign is engaging, gets quality leads, and reaches out to potential customers. This results in greater customer engagement, with more affluent lifestyles returning to the website to purchase the goods.

The Solution:

Technicians offered this to Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic India with a strong and precise Pay Per Click campaign, which included the development of a customized website to communicate the qualities of the product and brand to customers shopping in an already crowded and competitive market.

  • Improve Pay per click: The pay-per-click campaign is very engaging and can significantly raise qualified leads. When a new search is launched, the search engines sift through the pool of adverts to find the appropriate term, and they pay for each advertisement click. This increases the number of visitors to the website.
  • Refined keywords: The search for keywords takes a long time, but it is an important aspect of raising the advertisements on search engines, notably Google. A well-executed PPC campaign may assist in generating a large number of purchasers for the merchandise. The keywords must be relevant, comprehensive, and vast.
  • Improve sales: Sales can only be increased by developing a variety of marketing methods. Consumers may create loyalty and confidence in a brand's reputation through social media marketing, digital marketing, print marketing, and influencer marketing.

The Results:

Through excellent marketing, it built a brand association, value, and belief among users and expressed a product's strength.

  • High-Quality Content: A streamlined landing page should include all of the required information and a high-quality experience for people that visit the website, pushing the conversion message that is most relevant to their needs. The landing page design was created more dynamically to encourage dialogues and boost the likelihood of the material being shared across all social media platforms.
  • Increase in traffic: With over 0.25 million impressions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise achieved a fantastic outcome of over 38,000 site views and a 7.87 percent conversion rate. Technicians were in charge of numerous additional PPC marketing activities for over a year, and these efforts resulted in millions of ad impressions and thousands of transactions. When coupled with the other campaigns managed by Technicians, Hitachi Systems earned a return on ad expenditure of 2400 percent.
  • Content on social media: Influencer marketing was quite beneficial in posting and reposting material on social media. Many users and consumers were drawn to the product when influencers incorporated it with their content on streaming platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. The number of swipe-up links that were PPC was much enhanced, which improved the overall sales of the goods.
  • Search advertising: Because it required instant attention, search advertising offered immediate results. To avoid overspreading, poor-performing advertising was removed, keyword lists were changed, and bid levels were adjusted. Search analytics indicate industry trends and prospects and which terms are successful for other websites in your target area. Furthermore, they display all developing keywords, allowing you to build a timelier marketing strategy.


Return on
ad spend

+ %

Increased traffic on the website

+ %


+ %

Decrement in cost per lead

- %

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