Max Healthcare

Made Website Multilingual & Leads Achieved by 74.18%
72.13% Increased in Conversion Rate.



Max Hospital- A brand study of 100% responsive website development.

  • Google Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Generation
  • Web Design
  • Web Development


Max HealthCare is one of India’s leading providers of comprehensive, seamless and integrated world class healthcare services. They operate 16 healthcare facilities (3400 beds) across the NCR Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra. Almost 85% of their bed capacity is in Metro/Tier 1 cities. With a network of 14 hospitals, they offer treatment across all 29 specialties. They have 2300+ leading doctors with international level expertise who are committed to provide the highest standards of medical excellence at a fraction of international costs.

Challenges : 

  1. Provide a fully responsive website.
  2. To Book appointments easily with doctors.
  3. Increase awareness in gulf countries and India.
  4. To increase no. of Patient Appointments & Lead Generation.
  5. To increase enquiries.
  6. Patient Retention and Relationship Management.
  7. Brand Building and Reputation Management.

Our Solution

Technians Approach:


The client shared their objectives and goals of the website along with the list of pages to be built inside the website. They also provide us a sitemap of the website which we require during development & they told us to enhance it based on our expertise.  We now emerged ourselves into the client's words and picked out their goals on which we focused to build a website. Few of the Goals are: An appealing, attractive & responsive website, Full information about various treatments over their pages, Users can easily book an appointment with doctors, increase their enquiries, leads etc.


Strategy for UX

After getting through the client’s goals for website & their landing pages, we need a strategy for UX which could uniquely reflect their brand. Capturing knowledge about their target audience, we curated a unique strategy which suits perfectly for both the website & the landing pages of the client.

In result, we divide everything in the flow from the homepage to various pages in a way which works smoothly & makes it easy for users to understand about their treatment and appointment offerings.


Design & Development


After the completion of the UX phase we move with the development phase to implement design with development to work properly. Here we need to use the graphics which reflect their brand in a unique way along with rich color, nice typography, & a friendly font family.

The website was designed & developed using responsive programming that enables users to view a best user experience.

Test & Launch

After the development phase, our quality team tests the website functionality over multiple devices including desktop, mobile, tablet etc. We also provide some training to the client how data, images & other fields in website are updated, deleted & edited. We've provided a document for that too. After the confirmation of the client, we launch the website over the client's server.

Our Strategy For Google Ads

Our initial strategy began with optimizing and restructuring their Google Adwords account in order to give us the best opportunity for success. We started with large efforts of analyzing  search terms, category and product performance. Then, we built and segmented their Google Search campaigns and structuring campaigns in a way that allowed for better bid and budget management. After a few months, we saw a significant increase in return on ad spend and revenue.On-site conversion optimization plan that consisted of a more prominent and visual call-to-action system, and downloadable resources placed behind lead capture forms.Strategy in Place for brand awareness and Increased volume of Inbound Leads via Google Ads.




  • Avg CPA(Cost per Lead) reduced by 100% in 1st month itself.
  • 74.18% of leads achieved as per targets assigned.
  • 72.13% increase in conversion rate.
  • 66% Growth in Website Pageviews.
  • Increase Brand Awareness in gulf countries of upto 60%.
  • 57% Hike in time spend over site.
  • Met Quality with Quantity.
Reduction in Average CPA
Growth in Lead Generation
Growth in Pageviews
Hike in Time on site

Drawing Board View

We've work in a cohesive way in order to make all things in sequence and it uniquely defines the brand of the client.

Custom Icon Library:

We’ve created custom Icons for all the treatments offered by Max healthcare. It is a challenging task for our team to provide different icons for almost the same set of services but we successfully delivered it.


Traditional typography is embedded in good fonts. We know that & we use it very cleverly in the website which aligns with the design & makes a flow hence creating unforgettable experiences for the user.

Color Scheme

We’ve used a unique color scheme which perfectly defines the brand identity. We go with their best soothing color and make a perfect flow with site.

Flow charts

We’ve created a flowchart as per the requirements specified by the client to get a clear view of navigation regarding Journey at Max for the users.

Developing a Multi Lingual Website


Max Hospitals India, a leading brand of hospitals, has the best friendly website. In order to increase the awareness in gulf countries, we’ve provided them with a Multilingual Website. Being a Multilingual website, it receives better client satisfaction, massive increase in website visits from different countries, and reaches a wider audience.