APOLLO FIEGE Integrated Logistics Pvt Ltd

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About company

APOLLO FIEGE Integrated Logistics Pvt Ltd. is a joint venture between Apollo LogiSolutions Ltd., India and FIEGE Logistics, Germany. With over 185 years of combined experience in logistics internationally, the Apollo Group and FIEGE join forces to extend thier logistics offerings globally through integrated, customized and innovative products and solutions. This partnership brings together the well-known expertise, efficiency and dependability of FIEGE in the field of contract logistics on one hand, and the keen insights, network and reach of the Apollo LogiSolutions team in the Indian logistics landscape on the other. With this synergy, APOLLO FIEGE hopes to extend the benefits of global reach and local resourcefulness to you as a customer.


APOLLO FIEGE Integrated Logistics Pvt Ltd has presence all over the India. they were facing challenge for sales & marketing department to manage all leads and customers data.

they want to synchronize all sales data so that sales team can work in parallel. automation of sales and marketing process so that all sales data can be available on cloud and can be accessed any where, any time and from any device specially from mobile and web. easily reporting of sales team was also a key preference for them. they need reports with custom conditions so that no sales data is missed from them.


  • Easy to deploy, customize, use, and scale as a company grows
  • work flow and calendar integration
  • automatic emails to manage followup
  • Sales pipeline automation with email templates
  • proper custom reporting on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Strong dashboard functionality to continuously monitor growth
  • Ease of maintaining sales data
  • security of all data

The Solution: Sales and Marketing Automation with Vtiger CRM

Easy to deploy and Quick installation

we automate their all process very easy and in a short period of time.

Calendar integration

calendar integration and automatic reminders to manage all followups.

Custom training material to Reduces Training Time

we made custom training material and easy-to-use interface to reduced training time to existing employee and new employee, allowing sales and support managers to start working within day of deployment instead required 1 to 2 weeks of coaching.

Easy Automation Process

after detailed study of their requirement and process we quickly roll out complex functionality like sales process automation, reporting, and customer support.

Unparalleled Visibility into Growth

Dashboards and charts provide them visibility into each team performance at a glance, improving the speed, relevance and efficacy.

Auto Workflow and Reporting

with help to workflow we automated their repetitive task so that dependency on reminders is negligible and custom reporting to manage performance of any individuals on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Thanks for Technians team who has supported in implementation of CRM product in very short period of time. The overall experience in dealing with you and your team was quite satisfactory. We look forward for any support if required in future.

ATUL GUPTA Vice Prisedent APOLLO FIEGE Integrated Logistics Pvt Ltd