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Use the calculator below to forecast and calculate the expected beneficial bottom line for your B2B advertising campaigns. It shows you how to meet your revenue goal by highlighting leads, conversions, customer lifetime value and important metrics which affect your ROI while staying within your budget.



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Margin per Sale can be calculated conveniently by adding up your total cost of producing a single product or service and then subtracting it from the total price at which you sold that product or service. Margin per sale percentage = Price – Cost / Cost x 100
You can calculate how many people clicked through your ad after viewing it. A click-through rate can be calculated as – CTR = Number of Clicks / Number of Views.
Read more about CTR from our library of digital marketing formulae.
A conversion occurs whenever a person viewing your ad performs an action that you desire, it could be submitting his/her enquiry details or subscribing to your page/website newsletter, etc. In the present context of this B2C calculator, a conversion would mean a person who purchases your product or service.
Conversion Rate is the rate at which the people who click on your ads get converted, and it can be calculated by- CR = (Total Number of Conversions / Total Number of Clicks) x 100.
Read more about CR from our library of digital marketing formulae.
It is the rate at which your leads are converted to your consumers as they purchase your product/service. It can be calculated by- (Number of Converted Leads / Total Leads) x 100
While your ad is being shown on an online platform, people interact with it in different ways. One of the ways is to click on them. A click generally shows the intention of a person in the product/service shown in that ad. You can also count total clicks versus total views to study the effectiveness of your ad.
Impressions can also be classified into many types, however in the context of ad campaigns. Impressions are ad views by the people it was shown to.
Since from the above FAQs, you now know what conversions are. Calculating cost per conversion is also an easy task Cost per Conversion = Total Conversions = Total Cost.
Read more about Cost per Conversion from our library of digital marketing formulae.
It is your return on investment from the amount you spent on digital marketing or running of a particular ad campaign digitally.
Read more about ROI from our library of digital marketing formulae.
A search engine like Google calculates your CPC after checking your Ad Rank. An Ad Rank is determined by various factors like maximum CPC bid, quality score, ad relevance, keywords used, and landing page experience. Google also incentivizes businesses with lower CPC that show high-quality and high relevant ads to the viewers at Google. So, to lower your CPC, your ads must be highly relevant and shall give users a valuable experience when interacted with. Apart from this there are certain aspects that should be taken into consideration-
  • Customizing bidding strategy
  • Avoiding competitive keywords
  • Choose long-tail keywords
  • Appropriate audience and ad segmentation
  • Optimize landing pages
While increasing the average sale price of your product/service completely depends on the way you carry your business. However here are a few suggestions that you should not miss-
  • Improvise your product/service
  • Increase your reach with digital marketing
  • Include more special offers and discounts
  • Create sale challenges for yourself
  • Raise your prices marginally
Leads are people who have engaged with your ad and shown some interest in your product or service, for example through filling out an enquiry form and giving their basic information to you. While some of these leads get converted to customers as they purchase your product. To increase this rate of conversion you should not miss out on-
  • Optimizing the landing page experience
  • Giving the discounts or offers you promised in the ad
  • Showcasing other relevant products
  • Optimizing product content and educating customers

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