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Drive more traffic, make more sales, and take your business’ performance to the next level with our highly effective, high ROI digital marketing campaigns.


Achieve Your Goals Every Time
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Build your brand, expand your reach, and surpass your competitors with every move. When you work with Technians, you achieve your goals with every campaign, every single time!

Build Brand Awareness

We help you capture the market’s top-of-mind by making sure your brand is visible to your audience across every channel that they use.

  • Conduct in-depth market research and plan data-driven campaigns
  • Align your marketing campaigns with your customer’s persona
  • Customize marketing for your customer’s buying journey
  • Deliver compelling messages on every customer touch point
  • Turn your business into a compelling brand that will keep driving revenues and customers for years to come
Generate Qualified Leads

Be it organic search, paid search, social media, email, or mobile, we reach your customers through the most profitable channels, with campaigns that deliver top performance.

  • Optimize your website for search engines by targeting the most lucrative keywords
  • Run cost-effective pay-per-click campaigns that generate qualified leads
  • Connect you with customers who are ready to buy
  • Reach untapped segments with sweetly timed, laser-targeted campaigns
  • Expand your customer base while increasing your reach and RoI
Boost Sales Revenues

Your customer’s buying journey passes through awareness, interest, evaluation, and decision stages. We deliver targeted messaging at every stage to multiply your sales and revenues.

  • Align your marketing assets such as ads, web pages, landing pages, and social media posts with your customer’s journey
  • Create a high-converting sales funnel that keeps delivering hot leads and sales 24/7
  • Test and optimize your messaging, digital assets, and campaigns for conversions
  • Bring back lost visitors through intelligently planned automated retargeting campaigns
  • Implement conversion tracking and attribution and keep improving the performance
Beat Your Competitors

Is the competition threatening to grab a piece of your market share? We can help you change the game!

  • Run powerful marketing campaigns that outperform competitors and make them run for cover
  • Stop being reactive and play to your strengths by repositioning your business model and brand
  • Capture your customers’ mindshare and heart-share by delivering the right message, at the right time, through the right channel
  • Build a robust brand to dominate the market
  • Keep an eye on the competitors and preempt their strategies


Your path to Success

With our Comprehensive Platform

We provide all the essential ingredients you need to take your business to the next level. From digital services to expert support, we offer everything in one seamless package. With us, growing your business has never been easier!

Paid Media

    Facebook Ads
    Google Ads
    Influencer Marketing
    Media planning and buying
    Programmatic Advertising
    Youtube Ads

Earned Media

    Business Blogging
    Content Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Inbound marketing


    Data and analytics
    Social Listening


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Hasan Sameer
Security Consultant

RSK Business Solutions & RSK Cyber Security

Munmun Pal
Additional Divisional Manager

Tata Metaliks Ltd

Frederica Flor
Assistant Marketing Manager


Mohit Khatodiya
Deputy Manager - Digital Marketing

Max Healthcare

Ishan Mehta
Digital Marketing

Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

Augustine S Lobo
Manager - SEO & Marketing Grow


Co Founder


Marketing Head



Ahuja Residency

Marketing Manager

OYO Rooms

logo Technians
We had the pleasure of working with Technians on various projects including for both web and mobile responsive website development. Technians technical talent is fantastic and worked well with us and deliver consistent results. Once it came to design, animations, they delivered stellar results and always contributed their own expertise to the final product. They are reliable, thorough, smart, available, extremely good communicators and very friendly! We would recommend hiring Technians to anyone looking for a highly productive and solution driven team.
logo Technians
It was a great experience working with Technians. Aesthetic and systematic website design delivering to client requirements was professionally done. The team was agile, responsive and responded well to our delivery needs.
logo Technians
We are grateful for Technians for handling social media for us. It is a great experience to work with their team. Here's hoping that you continue to do a great job and wishing you all the very best for your future endeavors!
logo Technians
"Team Technians is a haven for teamwork where collaborative juices are constant inspirations to drive another set of positive results. While working with them we experienced professionalism and accurate project deliveries. The team strategized on our required achievements and studied the appropriate target audience. Through the acquired information, they placed us and our specialties in the healthcare community and satiated our curiosities. I would highly recommend The Agency Technians. "
logo Technians
It's such a good time to be working with you to Handle the social channels of Asian healthcare. You're Hard Working Deliverables in times, respond quickly 24x7. As per my feedback to be working with you, You are dedicated to your work of Co-ordinate timely. Your work was outstanding, it's nice to be working with you & your team Also, Great response from Monica.
logo Technians
We worked with Technians for nearly a year. We sought their efforts and creativity for our Off-Page SEO activities. They did a splendid job with the plan. And they also went on to execute that plan for months in a great manner. The Off-Page strategies were totally white hat and user-focussed.
logo Technians
Thanks, Technians for creating our company’s websites, original buy, and spectratek. Have found your work really exquisite and the support which I received from you after work completion is also appreciable. The team worked day n night to deliver the work in time and left no stone unturned to reach our expectations. Would like to work with you in the future!
logo Technians
As a leading healthcare company, we have relied on Technians Marketing & Web Application. They have done a tremendous job and we highly recommend them to everyone as these people are very clear with communication, milestones, allotted timelines and the best thing about them is their perfection. They helped us to reach customers Digitally by creating an SEO-friendly web application and Digital Media Campaigns in a very short period of time. Thank you Technians Softech Pvt. Ltd. for your support and keep up the good work.”
logo Technians
On behalf of Ahuja Residency Pvt. Ltd., I would like to thank you for your 4 years of service to our company. We have always appreciated the prompt and timely deliveries of computer software, software solutions, and advice from your end. In particular, I would like to compliment you on the recent delivery of the up-gradation of our CRM solution. We have been highly impressed with the quality of work done by your team. We are also appreciative of the fact that whenever we have asked for any software-related advice, you have always been there to recommend the most cost-effective and efficient software/solution for our requirements. We wish you and your company the very best for the future.
logo Technians
The team was really supportive, no one hesitates to execute new things. You were a great support to get things done on time. Also, understanding the criticality of the situation and get things done out of the way was the best part of this team.


A Process that Delivers Every Time

In the Agency, we follow a time-tested, market-proven process

that has never failed to deliver bottom-line results.


Business Analysis
We work with your teams to acquire a deep understanding of your business, including its strengths, soft areas, selling points, needs, goals, and past performance.

Customer Discovery
Using interviews, surveys, questionnaires and other research tools, we segment the market and discover the needs, buying behavior, and pain points of your target customers.

Market Research
We consider the wider macroeconomic landscape, social trends, product alternatives, and competitors to make sure your campaigns are grounded in the market realities.



Channel Selection
Based on your customers’ media habits revealed during the Discovery Phase as well as the results of your previous campaigns, we select the most profitable channels for your campaigns.

Sales Funnel Creation
We collaborate with other Departments to create the required marketing assets and arrange them around the customer’s purchase path to create a high-converting sales funnel.

Paid Advertising Planning
Through a data-driven process, we help you manage budget allocation and make sure your investment into different campaigns corresponds to the performance of those campaigns.



Resource Allocation
Once the plans are finalized and approved by you, we allocate the required human and technological resources to create and launch robust campaigns that take you to your goals.

Campaign Monitoring
Using Google Analytics, social media insights, and other paid tools, we monitor your campaigns and adjust targeting, budget allocation and messaging to keep delivering peak performance.

Review and Improvement
After a campaign is over, we put our heads together with your sales and marketing team to identify the areas that we can improve for the future campaigns. We believe in sustainable and continuous improvement.



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