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About Ananda:

Ananda Dairy is the leading dairy and food manufacturing company in India since 1989. Ananda Dairy is a devoted, dedicated, and motivated workforce trained to ensure procurement of good quality milk, manufacturing and supply of milk & milk products consistently that conform contractual and legal requirements to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. They endeavor to be one of the most competitive companies in the dairy industry, with an emphasis on efficiency in operations and development of new products. Continued customer trust is their driving force as well as strength.

Campaign Objective:

  • Website Development
  • Organic Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Top-Of-The-Mind Recall

Services Provided:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Ads
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Website Designing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Generation
Campaign Strategy:

Consumers are the pillars for FMCG brands. For Ananda, developing and maintaining a great relationship with their consumers was a priority.

Having understood that, we began by analyzing their existing Digital Presence, Social Media posts, Digital Strategies, and their goals for the coming years. This helped us in creating engaging and compelling content for and target the right set of prospective audience.

To further widen the scope for improvement, we ran various Display Ads, Lead Generation Campaigns, took on new initiatives, did Video Campaigns, developed an easy to navigate and visually appealing website, did Technical SEO, and put in effective strategies to elevate its Social Presence and add to its legacy.

Our prime focus was the consumers in Delhi NCR, Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh.


Campaign Execution:

1. Social Media X-Ray

Ananda had a strong hold offline, and wanted to expand by reaching out to mass audiences through its online presence. We began by analyzing their current reach, creatives, campaigns, videos, GIFs, and everything in between to draw a roadmap for Ananda.

While they had a considerable online presence, they were surrounded with bot profiles and were facing creativity issues that needed immediate attention. Once the roadmap was ready, we got down to working towards achieving it.

2. Instagram & Facebook Marketing

First and foremost, we fixed their communication on the two most important social platforms. By effectively tapping into the target audience, we were able to build a distinguished presence on Facebook & Instagram.

Following Ananda’s brand book, we figured out the creatives and tonality that is best suitable and beneficial for the brand. We improved their creatives, pitched in new ideas, built multiple templates, and once they were satisfied, we were half way through the roadmap.

The creatives were a combination of statics, carousels, GIFs, and videos. Further, we ran digital campaigns for Ananda.

The rules were simple. Participate in #LetsPaneerify Contest & WIN!

  • Cook a dish with Ananda Paneer
  • Click a picture of the dish with Ananda paneer pack
  • Share photo

3. Twitter & LinkedIn

Audience was targeted with the aim of building awareness for the brand’s core values. We built communication that showcased what the brand stands for and how deeply it's invested towards serving the best.

Ananda follows the ‘untouched by hand’ ideology, and so their production is completely void of any human interaction. Their packaging is fully automated and as opposed to their competitors, is free of contaminants and preservatives.

4. Google Ads Management

Once we have enhanced their social media presence, our next step was to encourage dealers and distributors to get associated with Ananda.

To achieve the intent, we ran ads on Google specifically targeting them and encouraging them to join hands with the brand. They were run across time zones and locations, and helped us generate effective leads.

5. YouTube Ads Campaign

Not only Instagram or Facebook, we targeted audiences on YouTube by running ads on ongoing campaigns. It helped us connect with the potential customers in a unique and memorable way.

It resulted in enhanced engagement & increased visibility and consumer base for the brand, in a cost-effective and creative manner.

6. Website Development

With all the goals clearly outlined before us, we put together a strategy that helped us design a blueprint for Ananda. The team created various wireframe prototypes, complete with website flow that will be further completed with the website content.

  • UI/UX Development:

A clear business goal determined our strategy to craft a website that included real-time data analytics, custom icons and animations and an intuitive user experience for maximum customer conversion. 

An exquisite design theme was adopted to further these goals with maximum impact on user experience while navigating the website.

  • Typography & Color Scheme:

They positioned the brand values uniquely, using appropriate color scheme, typography and a user-friendly font family. The website was designed & developed using responsive programming that enabled users to get the best user experience.

  • Frontend & Backend:

Frontend work for cross-browser functions and cross-device compatibility was performed. It included a seamless integration of mobile, desktop and tablet views of the website.

Webpages were designed as dynamic pages with the help of PHP, HTML and CSS. Thereafter, suitable plugins were placed according to the brand's needs.


Technians developed a bilingual website - English & Hindi - for easy assistance to the consumers. The user can browse in their preferred language and have a better user experience.

The entire website was designed by our team and holds the potential to be easily converted into an E-Commerce platform within a span of a few days.

7. Search Engine Optimization

Using effective SEO techniques, we improved the quality and quantity of website traffic and their ranking began to increase.

Once the website was optimised and began to rank, it resulted in enhanced Search volume, position, monthly traffic, and helped us achieve the target.

8. Distributor Leads from Target Regions

Over the course of the Campaigns, we were able to generate over 31000+ Distributor Leads for Ananda.

It expanded their network, distribution channels, and helped them reach out to more consumers.

Regional Digital Campaign - The Show Stopper:

A campaign specifically designed to target Distributors in Northern India. 

The brand had the Production unit and demand in the market but was lagging behind with a weak distribution network. 

To cater to the same, the campaign was launched with the sole purpose of targeting distributors and encouraging them to get associated with Ananda.

While we had an allocated budget with a considerably long timeline, we achieved the intent with just 12% of the budget in a span of 90 days.

Being a B2B campaign, we achieved less than 6 CPL whereas it normally stands at 25-30. We generated over 21000+ leads with 24% MQL. 

Our campaign was adjudged the ' Best Regional Digital Campaign ' at DG+ Awards by ET Brand Equity.


Overall Growth in the Brand Engagement

The Way Forward for Ananda:

  • A strong, interactive, and organic social presence
  • Distributors in 100+ regions
  • Visually appealing and informative website


  • Reached more than 30 Million Eyeballs throughout the Campaign
  • < 6 CPL for B2B Lead Generation Campaign
  • Complete Website Development that can easily be converted into an E-Commerce Platform
  • Engagement Increased over Social Platforms by 2500%
  • Increased B2B leads Organically
Instagram & Facebook Reach


Instagram & Facebook Engagement


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