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Industry: Kids Electronics Company
About Imoo: With years of research and thousands of experiments, Imoo Watch Phone was launched and welcomed by all kids in 2015. It adds a communication function in watch, parents can stay in touch with their children even if they are not around.

    Services Offered:
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Web Development
  • Web Experience Design
  • Web Maintenance
  • Website Frontend Design & Development
  • Website Optimization
  • Website redesigning
  • Website Strategy
  • Wireframing & Prototyping

Objectives Achieved:

  • Developed presence in India
  • Designed a Website to cater to the Indian Market
  • Drived User Engagement on the Website
  • Made a Streamlined Website to Integrate Services
  • Enhanced User Experience and Satisfaction
  • Increased the website conversion rate
  • E-commerce Integrated on the Website
  • Payment Gateway Integrated on the Website
  • Live Chat Widget added



The way to achieve a solid wireframe went through establishing the research pillars for the website and drafting an intricate blueprint for the same. Several detailed client discussions laid the groundwork for a website that included a sitemap of pages elaborating on services and case studies of the multinational client.

Performed Research:

  • Service Research and Definition
  • Competitor and Structure Research
  • A sitemap was planned according to Imoo requirement
  • A Glossary of Pages-to-be-created was separately ideated and saved for the next step

Created a Blueprint:

  • Finalized Pages, Banners, Sections, and Forms
  • Designed 2-D Homepage and About Us Page with Figma

Decorated a Wireframe:

  • A two-dimensional frame was built on Balsamiq
  • The home page and About Us page were planned according to the intended interaction.
  • Placement of buttons and forms on the main pages
  • Space allocation for content
  • Placement of intended behaviors

Immersive UI/UX

Throttling user discovery on the website

A series of design discussions with Imoo led to a select family of fonts, color combinations and custom-designed icons. The intention was to create a seamlessly navigable website where a user would be pushed to discover more by himself. Subsequently, subtle humanistic animations were decided upon and drafted to support the themed UI/UX.

To further enhance the user experience, live chat widget and shipment tracking options were made available on the updated website. A user could easily login by generating OTP on the registered mobile number. In the similar manner, they could track their shipments and concerns by using the tracker ID generated while placing an order and/or registering a complaint.

Words That Deliver

A Wholesome User Experience
Custom-crafted content designed by Imoo itself was used throughout the pages of the new website. Further, a special content strategy team was established by us to give suitable banner and heading copy that complimented the website’s purpose and UI.

Plagiarism & Grammar Check

The content delivered by Imoo was tested for plagiarism and grammatical errors to ensure a foolproof functional website for its users.

On-page SEO

The content strategy team gathered a well-researched set of informational keywords that were incorporated into web pages in order to rank it higher on the Google SERP.

Reviews and Blogs

Organic reviews made way to the website that ensured and added to the genuinity of the brand. They were put up for the products to give users a sneak peek into what they’ll be getting, by hundreds of satisfied customers across continents. Similarly, blogs added to the ranking and time spent on the website.

The Need for a Visual Language

A clear business goal from Imoo to stand out from the herd determined our strategy to craft a website that included real-time data analytics, custom icons and animations and an intuitive user experience for maximum customer conversion. An exquisite design theme was adopted to further these goals with maximum impact on user experience while navigating the website. The steps were processed in the following order-

  • The wireframe built on Balsamiq was studied
  • A UI was built on the wireframe using the finalized color palettes and fonts
  • The content and interactive buttons were placed according to the frame

Realizing the Design

The UI conceptualized on Figma was poured into codes with the markup language HTML and the premeditated designs were given a more finalized form with proper working functionalities throughout the website. Imoo was meant to provide business solutions to its users. Hence, flexibility and dynamicity was the premier priority that led us to furnish:

  • Reusable Codes
  • Quality Prototypes
  • Vector Motion Graphics
  • Dual Mode for the Website
Further, at the backend, a custom theme was chosen for Imoo since all the other 3rd party themes were limited by designs. The custom theme was prepared by using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, and jQuery. And webpages were designed as dynamic pages with the help of PHP, HTML and CSS. Thereafter, suitable plugins were placed according to Imoo’s needs.

As we emerged into our last phase to conduct a rigorous multi-pointer testing of the whole website. The overall Page Speed was tested and consecutive optimizations were performed to increase the speed. Subsequently, final checks like interactive functions, responsiveness, cross-browser and cross-device compatibility were performed to ensure a foolproof site. As per Imoo’s requirements, payment gateway and live chat widget was integrated on the website to deliver enhanced and superior performance.

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