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About Max Healthcare: India’s leading provider of comprehensive, seamless, and integrated world-class healthcare services, Max Hospital takes pride in being expanded into a network of 13 hospitals and treatment across 29 specialties. They have leading doctors with international level expertise committed to provide the highest standards of medical excellence at a fraction of international costs.

    Services Offered:
  • Content Marketing
  • Domain Brokering
  • Google Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO Integration
  • Spam Filtration
  • Traffic Generation
  • Web Development

Campaign Objective:

  • Portal Development
  • Multilingual Interface
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Ads
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Brand Awareness
  • Top-Of-The-Mind Recall

Campaign Strategy


Max Healthcare is a pioneer in offering affordable and skilled medical services to patients in India and Worldwide.

With the aim to cater to medical demands from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Russia, & Gulf Countries, Max healthcare was on the lookout for effective patient enquiries and website optimisation. We worked in a cohesive manner to make everything systematic that uniquely defined the brand’s perspective.

Here’s how it went:

  • An appealing, attractive, responsive multilingual website
  • Complete information about treatments on their web pages
  • Ease of booking appointments offered
  • Generated enquiries, leads, conversions etc.
Website Development

We optimized the website for enhanced interface and ease of navigation. A smooth user experience on healthcare websites acts as a vital factor in developing doctor-patient relationships. The way to achieve a solid wireframe went through establishing the research pillars for the website and drafting an intricate blueprint for the same. Several detailed client discussions laid the groundwork for a website that included a sitemap of pages elaborating on services by the client. Performing Research:

  • Service Research & Definition
  • Competitor & Structure Research
  • A sitemap was planned according to Vivo’s requirement
Creating a Blueprint:
  • Finalizing Pages, Banners, Sections, and Forms
  • Designing 2-D Homepage & About Us Page with Figma
UI/UX Development: A clear business goal determined our strategy to craft a website that included real-time data analytics, custom icons and animations and an intuitive user experience for maximum customer conversion. An exquisite design theme was adopted to further these goals with maximum impact on user experience while navigating the website. Typography & Color Scheme: They positioned the brand values uniquely, using appropriate color scheme, typography and a user-friendly font family. The portal was designed & developed using responsive programming that enabled users to get the best user experience. We created custom Icons for all the treatments, services, and more offered by Max healthcare. It was a challenging task to deliver a unique icon for every service, but the team did it successfully. Frontend & Backend: Frontend work for cross-browser functions and cross-device compatibility was performed. It included a seamless integration of mobile, desktop and tablet views of the website. Webpages were designed as dynamic pages with the help of PHP, HTML and CSS. Thereafter, suitable plugins were placed according to the brand's needs.

Domain Brokering - The Brand’s Visual Identity

It is imperative that a brand must identify with an easy to find domain name. That being said, it was important to develop a domain name that is in accordance with Max Healthcare, India. was finalized after intensive research. It took rounds of meetings to convince and reason with their management for the use of this particular domain. Once approved, we moved on towards purchasing the same. But, the domain was already in use. After a lot of to and fro, and going through 4-5 domain brokers, we managed to keep the identity intact and purchased the desired domain name.

Short Term Solution - Landing Pages

While the portal was under development, the leads were directed to a landing page developed specifically for Max Healthcare by our team. It had the tendency to answer generic questions and let the patients book online consultation and appointments.

Google Ads Management

To place the brand and their specialities on top of searches, we used Google Ads so that the brand can be seen by the right patient, at the right time and place, for the right medical service or procedure. Our initial strategy began with optimizing and restructuring their Google Ads account in order to gain relevant insights and scope to improve the performance. We started with large efforts of analyzing search terms, category, and product performance. Lead Generation Effective leads were generated through Google Ads and optimized website content, which were then catered to by the right salesperson for healthcare services. We generated leads from the targeted locations in no time, and established the brand identity within the right audience.

Developing Content for the Portal

We developed content for 1000+ pages with the right set of keyword strategy and SEO, in a span of 4 months. It included preparing detailed content for every single page, such as Doctor Information, Hospital Profiles, Different Procedures, and their Specialities. It leads to effectively answering patients’ queries on various aspects of healthcare related information and services. They were able to get all their queries resolved on a single portal.

Development of the Multilingual Portal:

Max Healthcare is a visionary for providing cost-effective and affordable treatments to the people of India, Gulf, & Neighboring Countries. And when it’s on the frontline, language cannot be a barrier. To facilitate easy and quick communication, the idea for a multilingual portal was born. It provided easy access to treatment information, doctors on board, services offered, treatment cost, procedures, safety measures, contact information, online appointment slots, and much more. The portal was developed to provide information in English, Arabic, Bangla, Russian, and Ethiopian languages.

We created a customized experience for the brand to help them connect with customers and engage with them.

Overall Growth in the Brand Engagement

The Way Forward for Max Healthcare:

  • A base is built for the doctor-patient relationships with higher awareness for the brand.
  • The Multilingual portal will have a positive impact with international patients.
  • Traffic generated will continue to grow for the brand with implemented strategies.


  • Reached 28 Million Eyeballs throughout the campaign
  • Avg Cost per Lead reduced by 100% within two months
  • 60% Increase in Brand Awareness in Gulf countries
  • Met Quality with Quantity
  • Developed Multilingual User Interface
Increment in Traffic


Increase in Conversion Rate


Growth in


Increase in Time on Website


MQL Generated


SQL Generated


Increase in Active Enquiries


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