Marvel Tea

A brand case study aiming to generate brand awareness.

Industry: FMCG
About Brand: Marvel Tea is one of India’s largest selling tea brands appealing to tea connoisseurs with its fine choice of tea brewed with the best chosen blends.

    Services Offered:
  • Branding Techniques
  • Sales on website
  • SEO
  • Strategy to Increase Traffic

Brand Overview:

Marvel Limited, founded in the year 1994, is a renowned firm that is engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide assortment of Gold Pattian Tea, Green Tea, Elaichi Tea, etc. The seeds of soaring success of Marvel Group were sown by Shri R.C. Marvel Tea is the best tea manufacturer and supplier in India. They understand the value of fulfilled expectations of customers. Each member of Marvel Group is perfectly efficient, qualified and full of professional integrity. That is what makes Marvel Tea one of India’s most preferred tea brands today.
Today, it is one of the largest tea brands of India with a monthly production capacity of millions of kilograms of tea and a robust network of about a thousand distributors.

The Challenges:

In today’s digital era, businesses need to have an effective online strategy to increase brand awareness and grow in the competitive landscape.
Appropriate and active digital presence acts as a communication platform for the brand and it’s consumers. It offers a brand the opportunity to share the brand values about the offered products and services, which also offers them a platform to set them apart from their competitors. The digital presence expands to all the touch points a consumer may have with the brand online.
The major challenge was to give a boost to the barely existent digital footprints of the brand positioning of Marvel Tea.
Along with this, our major concerns were:

  1. Low organic traffic
  2. Minimum search engine visibility
  3. Low keywords ranking
  4. No SEO integrations

The Objectives:

The main focus was on strengthening the digital presence of the brand in order to achieve their related business mission and online objectives, by tapping on the right set of target audience.
Along with this, following were the objectives:

Brand Building
The Internet has a wide reach and allows a brand to connect with people directly and is especially useful in branding as it allows brands to create and publish with a more personal feel. With clearly defined digital marketing strategies, the aim was to establish the brand name in the minds of the consumers, spread awareness about what the brand stands for.and instill trust in potential and existing consumers.

Search Engine Optimisation
To boost the digital presence of the brand in relevant online search results via various search engine platforms, to attract more leads, sales, and revenue. SEO allows a brand to accomplish their goals by helping them reach relevant people, eventually leading to more qualified leads — people interested in their products and/or services.

The Solution:

To begin with, we analyzed and understood the brand’s requirements in depth to see in what ways and strategies we could assist them to meet their goals. Then we worked accordingly on the challenges faced by the brand and along with it, conducted research on their buyer persona. It was important to get an understanding of their buyer persona because all our strategies and SEO optimizations depend on the same. With incorrect targeting, the brand would be unable to achieve its goals.
Furthermore, we posted content for the brand on high authority guest blogging websites and performed many SEO fixes and integrations ourselves to improve search engine visibility. We also created quality backlinks through article submission, guest posting, submitting infographics, and others to get backlinks from high DA and PA websites.
After creating a solid base for the brand we were able to successfully achieve our goals and resolve all the challenges that the brand faced.


With a well-planned and executed optimisation strategy, we were able to achieve many milestones for the brand. With diversified methods of increasing web traffic, we were able to increase the traffic of users to the brand’s website by 1600%. We also built a successful organic traffic pipeline for the brand and were able to get 45% new organic users.Considering the conversion rate, which is the ratio of total visitors to visitors who perform desired actions, we were able to get a hike of 30% in the conversion rate.
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