Marvel Tea

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About Marvel Tea:

One of India’s largest selling tea brands, Marvel tea appeals to tea lovers with its fine range of tea blends. Founded in the year 1994, it exports a wide assortment of Gold Pattian Tea, Green Tea, Elaichi Tea, etc. through a robust network of about a thousand distributors. The constant efforts of the core management and its dedicated workforce have propelled the group to remarkable heights.

Campaign Objective:

  • Enhance Social Media Engagement
  • Create Top-Of-The-Mind Recall
  • Brand Awareness
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Onboard Dealers & Distributors

Services Provided:

  • Lead Generation
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Marketing
  • SEO Integration
Campaign Strategy:

With a considerable offline presence, Marvel Tea wanted to grab the attention and eyeballs of the Gen-Z & Millennials.
Our focus was to strengthen their digital presence and achieve the defined objectives by tapping into the right set of target audience. By enhancing their online presence, the aim was achieved which further contributed to its offline sales. The end goal was to create engagements, buzz, and traffic for the Brand.

Campaign Execution:

1. Effective Brand Awareness

The audience knew the brand, we had to generate the need for it through a personal touch.

2. Top Of the Mind Recall

With defined strategies, the aim was to establish and create awareness for what the brand stands for & instill trust in potential and existing consumers.

3. Enhanced Social Presence

By effectively tapping into the target audience, we were able to build a distinguished presence on Facebook & Instagram.

4. Twitter & LinkedIn

Audience was targeted with the aim of building awareness for the brand’s core values.

5. YouTube as a Platform

With Consistent & Planned promotions, we were able to grab attention & keep the perfect CPV with maximum clicks and engagements.

6. Blogs & Keyword Placements

Posted content with high authority guest blogging websites & performed SEO fixes and integrations for improved search engine visibility & ranking.

7. Search Engine Optimization

Assist them reach relevant people leading to qualified leads & targeting distributors on specific keywords.

8. Increase in Website Traffic

Website traffic increased exponentially and resulted in improved Lead Generation from Distributors.

Overall Growth in the Brand Engagement

The Way Forward for Marvel Tea:

  • A Solid Buzz for Marvel Tea is established.
  • Followers & Subscribers earned throughout the Campaign duration, will stay and constantly engage with the brand.
  • Keyword ranking will be retained as long as the provided strategies are followed.


  • +2 lakh Followers on Facebook Page
  • Reached more than 15 Million Eyeballs throughout the Campaign
  • More than 7 Million people engaged with Marvel Tea on Social Platforms
  • < 1 CPV for YouTube Promotions
  • < 10 CPM for Display Ads
Instagram & Facebook Reach

+ M

Instagram & Facebook Engagement


YouTube Reach

+ M

Google Ads

+ M

Twitter Reach

+ M

Keywords in
Top 3


Increment in




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