Web and Social Analytics

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Cross-Channel Analysis & Reporting

Realize and measure the potential performance of your brand across several social networking mediums. With a more comprehensive tracking through the cross channel analytics, you are directed to construct an uninterrupted marketing flow which potentially maximizes the impressions on customers.


Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

Earn a potential overview of your website via the unique enhanced ecommerce tracking feature. It is easy to gauge the transactions and revenues of your business website through this innovative medium. A composite case study of your organization is now at your access through the transaction data and the item data which you can send employing analytics.


Google Tag Manager

Witness the best potentialities of your website as well as mobile app tagging through the user-friendly medium of the Google tag manager. You no longer need to knock the doors of IT professional teams as you have the power to edit and manage the tags of any of your pages through the unified solutions of the tag manager.

Centralized Analytics

Data Science and Usability with Centralized Analytics

Enhance your enterprise journeys through the medium of centralized analytics that let you realize the speedy and accurate data analytics activities operational in the several silos of your organization.

Web Analytics with Google Analytics


Audit, Set Up & Custom Analytics

Develop your online marketing ventures with tailored solutions of google analytics to accomplish the utmost profits from your business domains. The frequently conducted audits aid your domain to review your website performance and gauge the success of your online marketing approaches.


Competitive Benchmarking

Exploit the most of web analytics to compare your business performance graphs with those of your potential competitors. Compare and assess your website areas of expertise and drawbacks in relation to your rival organizations. This not only assists you to maintain the healthy competition but in the long run but also helps you to upgrade your business measures accordingly.


Smart Reporting with Custom Dashboards

Engage in the creation of insightful reports through the business specific tailored dashboards. This inevitably leads to the reduction of time issues that are usually accompanied in reporting strategies. You also hold the access to conveniently make necessary adjustments and also exercise managerial control over the dashboards.


Social Analytics


Brand Marketers and Social Teams

Bring into your business grip the necessary consumers and competitors criss-crossing every channel via the best use of the set of social analytics. Unleash the impacts of your brand tactics and optimize to witness the best of results. Be enriched with your potential social consumer communities across all the domains of social media.


Fans, Followers, Subscribers Management

Make your business decisions more informed and well-equipped with the set of social analytics. Control your brand impacts through exercising grip over your fans, followers and subscribers. Gauge the success of your online marketing strategies amidst the social wings through a complete overview of your fans, followers and subscribers.


Content Interactions Reporting

Make your business reporting strategies complete success through a powerful knowledge of the content interactions. It is viable for your business to realize how successfully its content is capable of reaching out to the potential clients and consumers.


KPIs Metrics

Evaluate the crucial aspects that are vital to the growth of your business organization via the Key Performance Indicator Metrics. Make your budding organization a potentially booming one through the set of widely accepted, well proved, business specified KPIs metrics.


Custom Reporting with Smart Dashboard

Accomplish your business goals through the completely flexible dashboards and pitch new customers for your agencies. Create role oriented reports with insightful backgrounds with the authorisation to tailor the title and descriptions of the dashboard modules.

Advertising Analytics


Advertising Dashboards

Extend the networks of brand promotion through resourceful usage of advertising analytics on the popular dashboards across all platforms. Strengthen your online marketing campaigns with boosted advertising strategies.


Advertising Analysis

Evaluate the power of your advertisements on your prospective consumer segments. Realize the grip they hold over the consumers, the number of clicks they witness and their impacts in the real time formulation. Analyse the ad position and quality score.


Advertising Reporting

Arrange your next advertising campaign with more expertise and perfection with a prior knowledge about the impact of your previous online advertising strategy. The post-campaign reports inclusive of visitor interest reports, SIPs will throw light on how your audience reacted on your prior advertisements and helps you to optimize the next one with being more consumer-centric.


ROI Metrics

With The aid of a set of ROI metrics like PostRank Analytics, Klout, Daily Story Feedback, you can gauge the return on investments of your enriched social media campaigns and advertising strategies. Your business now is ultimately weaved all the threads of evaluation and perfection.

Advertising Analytics

Mobile App Analytics


User Behaviour Metrics

Gauge the user interactions and behaviours towards your brand applications through potential metrics. The user installations, the number of accesses are the cornerstones to know the fundamentals of your app performance.


User Insights to Target Smartly

Understand the various niches of your potential insights relying on the mobile app analytics. An overview of the user insights is the guiding force to target your potential customers smartly and potentially.


Funnel Analysis and Reporting

The three stepped funnel analysis rewards your mobile app with demand generation, sales conversion and customer acquisition which paves your ways towards smart reporting. Solidify your app potentiality with the funnel centric mechanism.

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