(Social Media Marketing)

About Beltecno

Beltecno established more than 70 years ago is a Manufacturing Industry Giant in Japan which deals in Stainless Steel processor and Building Equipment. The company provides high quality equipments making it one of the leading manufacturers in Japan. With the usage of state of the art manufacturing technology Beltecno has become Japan’s most reliable manufacturing company.

Issues Faced By Client

Analysing the product potential in Indian market along with feedback report from the audience. They also wanted to target audience from commercial (B2B) as well as individual (B2C) perspective.


Social Media Ad Campaigns

Our Strategies

We truly believe in understanding the business ethics and work accordingly. So we follow a set of social media strategies where we analyses the competitors strategies and create compelling web page content and creative for ads. Target the particular industry and audience followed by focusing on only high profile and decision making people to get quality and relevant conversion for the client. After getting the required exposure and the clientele we started remarketing campaigns to retain the audience and convert them to quality lead.


  • The conversion rate increased up to 23.32%
  • The page like increased up to 824 likes
  • Total Reach increased up to 167,281