Celebrations Party Planner

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About Celebrations Party Planner

They plan and execute parties ranging from Baby Showers and Birthdays to Farewells, House Warming’s, Reunion and Weddings. To cut it short, “Celebrations Party Planners” provide complete end-to-end planning and implementation services for personal, social and corporate events. With their wealth of knowledge in choosing the right location, vendors, caterers and entertainment professionals, they are on their way to revolutionize event planning in Gurgaon. Arrangements are done smoothly while making sure that the great ideas give you the value of your money.

Issues Faced By Client

Client was concerned about the less organic traffic on the website, keyword ranking and its local listing.


We have provided SEO services, Lead generation techniques along with rank in Local listing to boost the traffic on website.

Our Strategies

With best performing techniques implementation we try to get results in an orderly fashion. We firstly get the details about the client to act according to them along with the knowledge about their buyer persona. We then define a content strategy to drive the traffic through compelling content posting based on optimized keywords and landing pages followed by lead generation techniques as well.


  • Traffic Increased over the website up to 40%
  • Improved keyword ranking within 3 months
  • All keywords are in top 10 position (targeted keywords -11)
  • All keywords are in top 5 in local search results
  • End up with 100 % keyword improvements in rankings
  • Conversion rate increased up to 20%