Radiance Space Solutions PPC Case Study

( Pay Per Click )
About Radiance Space Solutions

HRadiance Space Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is committed to making your world cleaner, healthier, happier. Whether it is your office, home or commercial space, they offer customised solutions and cleaning services in Gurgaon that combine technology and industry insight, to revive and restore the look and shine of your premises. When it comes to your workplace, not only does it become more hygienic, but you will also experience the fresh energy of pride and productivity among your people. Their exclusive facility enhancement services include Deep Cleaning, Floor Enhancement,Furniture Enhancement & Upholstery Cleaning,Fabric Protection Treatment,Paint Treatment as part of their cleaning services in Gurgaon.


Project Summary

  • Client: Radiance Space Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Service Provided: Search Ads, Display Ads, Landing Page design
  • 3 Main Products category: Home Cleaning Services, HouseKeeping Services, Office Cleaning Services
  • The Pain Points

    After we made the monthly report template, our next step was to set up custom landing pages, complete with lead form tracking and phone call tracking. We also made use of all the relevant ad extensions like sitelinks, callouts, and the call extension. This is also a time-intensive process, but using these ad extensions can increase the keyword quality score. finally, we added over 200 negative keywords to each campaign to ensure that the traffic quality was as strong as possible right from the start of the campaign.Then we launched the campaigns and managed them on a weekly basis for the next two months. We decreased the cost per click by about 8%. And we increased the conversion rate by over 130%. This huge jump in conversion rate made each click that American Integrity paid for much more valuable to their business.

    How We Helped

  • Improvements in direct sales were key. Technians provided this to Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic India through a powerful and precise Pay Per Click campaign, involving the creation of a tailored website with which to convey the strengths of the product and brand to customers shopping in an already crowded and competitive market.
  • It couldn’t be just any campaign. It was vital that the Pay Per Click work was highly engaging so as to increase qualified leads and tap into unaware potential customers within a specific demographic that was defined by their income and lifestyle.
  • How We Helped

  • We wanted to ensure that all the keywords were properly matched to our target ads and distinct subsets of potential customers. Once the keyword research was complete and the ad copy written, we moved into the “keyword mining” phase. While conducting keyword research is a very effective way to predict what might happen, at the end of the day it’s just an assumption and not based on real performance data. That’s where keyword mining comes in. Once the campaign was up and running with our researched keywords we were able to identify those exact-match phrases that users actually searched for and were able to identify keywords which can be purchased for very little yet perform really well for this niche business – we call them “Golden Keywords.”
  • Because we were working with a very limited daily budget, the keyword mining process for this particular client ran six weeks (spending more at the outset may help identify the best performing keywords more quickly). Once the proper keywords were identified, the Campaigns were structured to bid on those golden keywords at the cheapest point possible while still being really effective. Conversions were also configured to show only those clicks that actually resulted in a purchase or phone inquiry. With these tasks completed Panoptic and the client were able to see which keywords were really converting and focus our bids on the ones that really matter.
  • What We Achieved

  • The client was spending 50% less on bids than when we started while maintaining the same level of performance. Conversions are now trackable and more consistent. The account now is pretty stable and we monitor the account continuously to ensure that everything continues to work well. Additionally, by repeating the “research and refine” process, we are able to continuously block off any unwanted clicks and searches and send only the most likely to purchase customers to the site.

  • Thanks for Technians team who has supported in implementation of CRM product in very short period of time. The overall experience in dealing with you and your team was quite satisfactory. We look forward for any support if required in future.

    ATUL GUPTA Vice Prisedent APOLLO FIEGE Integrated Logistics Pvt Ltd